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Terms and How to Sign Up for YouTube AdSense (Latest)

If you have read the article 'How to Earn Money from YouTube', surely you already know one of the steps to get money from YouTube with YouTube AdSense. Nach in this article we will peel off on how to sign up for YouTube AdSense from the beginning to the end.

What are the requirements for registering YouTube AdSense? And how to sign up for YouTube AdSense? Yok read the full details in this article.

YouTube Monetization Requirements

Adsense YouTube is a very prospective source of income, it is not strange that most Youtubers activate Adsense ads on their videos. YouTube gives you the same requirements before you can actually monetize, namely that your account has been confirmed, has 1000 subscribers, does not spam, and the toughest thing is to have gained 4000 hours of appearances over the past 12 months.

Eit! Don't close this article immediately because you can register For YouTube AdSense while waiting for the entire time to appear in your account to reach 4000 hours.

To be clear, here are some requirements that you need to recognize and see when you want to monetize YouTube with AdSense.

1. Confirmed

The clarification process is necessary when you want to upload a video that has a long duration. How many hours sich is a video that is seen as having a long duration?

It's not until a few hours that YouTube views videos with a duration of more than 15 minutes as videos that have a long duration. So when you want to upload a video more than that time duration, please clarify it first.

This clarification process is quite easy. You only need an active smartphone number that will be used later to receive the clarification code. Here are some steps to clarify your YouTube account.

Youtube Account Clarification: Go to Upload Page (1)

The first step is to open the upload page. At the bottom of this page you will find an option to increase the length of time the video you want to upload just as follows. Next click "Increase your limit".

YouTube Account Clarification: Select Clarification System (2)

The 2nd way is to choose a clarification system. There are two system options: using a voice message or a text message that contains a clarification code.

YouTube Account Clarification: Validation (3)

After obtaining the clarification code, then enter the code into the existing form. Next click "Submit".

If you do this process successfully, on the profile the text "Mitra Verified" will appear.

Nach, after clarifying you can upload a video that has a duration of more than 15 minutes. It's better that you shouldn't delay this process in anticipation of uploading a video longer than 15 minutes without any clarification.

After this, you can upload some existing videos while completing some other youTube monetization requirements with AdSense.

2. 4000 Hours of Performance

Your account must have 4000 hours to appear as a requirement to register for YouTube AdSense. All of these hours of performance are counted throughout the final 12 months. Then you must meet a minimum of 4000 hours of performing throughout the year.

That's why you need to clarify and upload a video about it as much as possible. The more videos and the longer they have (likely) to accelerate this requirement is fulfilled. Then you should not be pessimistic first because everything certainly needs a process.

This requirement may not be immediately due to one or 2 months. It may take you some time or even almost a year to get it. That's why you need to register for YouTube AdSense first. So that in the future when these requirements are met, you don't have to bother waiting and registering for YouTube AdSense.

3. 1000 Subscriber

YouTube gives another requirement that it is quite difficult to register youtube adsense, which is to have 1000 subscribers. That number is only 0 commas, so the % of all YouTube users reached 1.8 billion. With users around that, now (the possibility) of gaining 1000 subscribers can be easy or can be achieved in an instant.

Eit! It's not that easy. In addition to sharing the channel you have with colleagues via social media, it is certain that you need to maintain attractive and good video quality. Don't let it be when the visitors who open the video you share actually feel tired and you don't succeed in getting a subscription.

There are many things that are important for you to look at to make content interesting. The first thing is definitely the originality of the content. Good content is content that is original or may not cheat/plow. You'll need to create your own content (even if it's not primed yet). This will be better than using content from other creators.

In addition to cheating, there are many other things that are important to remember to create compelling and good content, for example: give your best in the initial 15 seconds, give content that invites visitors to open other videos, right in providing data, use bright and easy-to-understand language, and others.

Through that short tutorial, optimize your content at the beginning. Next, benahi in some of the next content. It doesn't matter if the content is still not primed enough because you can fix it in the next content. Thus, the number of 1000 subscribers is not impossible to get in an instant.

4. Stay away from Spamming Comments

Spamming comments can get in the way of registering your YouTube AdSense. You may have fulfilled all the above conditions. But if you still spam comments, it could be that the adSense YouTube account application is rejected.

When you register for YouTube AdSense you don't immediately get an AdSense account easily. There are clarification and assessment processes that are important for you to go through by the YouTube team. Generally this will take a few days until there is information on whether your account is appropriate or may not be.

Nach! Accounts that spam comments will definitely get a bad rate that affects the rating. You'll also need to re-register YouTube AdSense.

These are at least four factors that determine whether the AdSense YouTube account application is accepted or may not be. Now that you know the requirements for YouTube monetization with AdSense, now is the time for you to know how to sign up for YouTube AdSense.

YouTube AdSense Sign-up Steps

You need a YouTube account to sign up for AdSense. Therefore, the starting way you need to work is to create a YouTube account.

You can create a YouTube account using your Gmail account. I believe generally of you have had . Then just access the then log in using an active e-mail. If you forget your Gmail password, you can follow the article 'how to deal with forgotten Gmail password'.

When you have successfully signed in to YouTube. The first thing to register for YouTube AdSense is to enter the setup menu. The trick is to click on "Profile Icon » Settings".

That menu will redirect you to the setup page.

On this page, click back on "Profile Icon » Creator Studio" to sign in to your own YouTube monetization dashboard.

YouTube Creator Studio as a dashboard that Google developed for Video creator content on YouTube. This dashboard contains styling groups that make it easier to control videos and their accounts.

Here's what the latest YouTube Creator Studio looks like (2019).

YouTube Creator Studio Dashboard at a Glance

The YouTube Creator Studio dashboard provides access to manage comments, the option to upload videos, quickly connect analytics statistics, and be sure to register for YouTube AdSense. This dashboard provides menus for uploading and taking care of the videos that have appeared.

We will review the detailed info of this dashboard in the next article.

Ok. Back to how to sign up for YouTube AdSense.

Through this dashboard, you can immediately apply for a YouTube AdSense account even though you don't have uploaded videos yet. In the channel section, please click "Others Fiturs » Monetization".

Once you've opened that menu, you'll be bottomed down to the YouTube Partner Program page. This page contains the levels that you need to work on to register for YouTube AdSense. How to register for YouTube AdSense itself consists of 4 stages.

YouTube Partner Program Deal,

Connect your YouTube account with AdSense,

Set Monetization Options,

Reviews after getting 4000 hours of viewing and 1000 subscribers.

The following is a description of each stage.

Step 1: YouTube Partner Program Deal

You'll see agreement provisions containing several rules that run as long as you use the YouTube Partner Program.

If agreed, you can follow the following options below.

When it's over, click "I accept" to continue to the next way.

You can skip "E-mail me with options, announcements, your personalized guide to help grow my channel." not to get the latest info regarding the YouTube Partner Program in the e-mail.

Step 2: Connect your YouTube account with AdSense

For those of you who don't have an AdSense account, you don't need to worry because at this stage there is also an option to create a new AdSense specifically for YouTube.

And for those of you who already have your own Adsense, you can immediately connect it. You don't need to register from the start.

After this you will be taken to the page to connect YouTube with your AdSense account. If you don't already have an AdSense account, you'll be helped to create a new AdSense account.

The first form you are told to fill in the name and other info related to the account you want to create. One of them is the option of the country or target area.

If you have finished filling in the existing form and agree with the current provisions, please click "Create Account" to create an AdSense account.

It will automatically open the Google AdSense dashboard page. You are also told to fill in the information regarding the account you want to create similar to the name and address.

Important! Fill in the address correctly because it is used by Google to send a clarification code when your AdSense balance is sufficient to be disbursed.

After filling in, click "Submit" to proceed to the next stage.

At this point, you have successfully applied for an AdSense account to Google. You just have to wait until your account can be used.

While waiting, you can proceed to the next stage, which is to set the appearance of monetization ads.

Step 3: Set Monetization Options

This stage sets the status of the ad you want to show when the YouTube AdSense application is received.

On the Monetization page click "Start" on 'Set monetization preference'. This ad status can be an indicator of how much money you can earn from the ads that appear on the video.

There are four options for ad appearance types, namely display ads, overlay ads, sponsored cards, and skippable video ads. Skippable video ads have the potential to bring a large income compared to the other 3 types. The following is a description of each type of ads.

- Display Ads

This type of ad is on the right side of the monitor. Always perform from the beginning to the end of the video being played. These ads can only appear when the visitor is on a desktop device.

There are many photo or animation size and pattern options. Even though it is in the form of video, Display Ads ads do not provide support for autoplay sound (no sound automatically) so they do not interfere with the video being played. But visitors can generally listen to the sound by clicking on the animated image.

- Overlay Ads

Overlay Ads are on the monitor until they slightly cover the rotated video. Unlike Display Ads, this type of ad can be closed manually if visitors want it to be less disturbing. The size is approximately 480×70 pixels.

- Sponsored Cards

Sponsored Cards as one of the new types of YouTube ads. This ad works by showing a teaser to video visitors. After a moment the teaser was exchanged for the appearance of the card icon. This ad is at the top right of the video being watched. The icon gives the user the option to close or click on it to get complete info regarding the ad shown.

These ads are almost similar to Display Ads, but their locations and roles differ slightly. The similarity of the 2 is that it invites visitors to act next after the ad is over (click or search for info).

- Skippable Video Ads

Skippable Video Ads are often encountered when playing videos on YouTube. These ads are generally present at the beginning of the video or the end of the video. But in a number of video types of this ad is sometimes shown in the middle of the video.

These ads are in the form of videos with varying lengths of time. Some are five seconds, and some even reach a while.

Even if it's long, visitors can get through it by clicking the "Skip" button which is generally there after five seconds.

From those 4 options, you can select all or just choose one of them. My advice is the same as the video being played. If you immediately want to apply the arrangement to all videos, don't forget to enable the 'Monetize all existing and future videos' option.

Step 4: Reviews after getting 4000 hours of viewing and 1000 subscribers

At this point, you have successfully registered YouTube AdSense. You just have to wait for your application info via e-mail just as reviewed in the initial section.

So now the important thing you do is to concentrate on making the best content to get 4000 hours of appearance and 1000 subscribers in the shortest possible time.

Your content will automatically be considered appropriate or not yet a YouTube Partner program according to the current provisions. YouTube will email you the final decision which generally takes a few days and even a month's calculation.

Make sure that the video you're making can be watched until the team can see the total amount of your content perform: if they can't find enough audience content or may not reach 4000 hours of viewing, they can't weigh your channel.

Are You Ready to Register YouTube AdSense?

That's a complete description of how to register for YouTube AdSense. The stage is quite simple so that Adsense is accepted for YouTube. You need to follow the tutorial that has been shown in the Creator Studio YouTube dashboard. However, there are many points that are important to pay attention to because they are quite important, such as the AdSense address that needs to be filled in correctly and precisely.

Hopefully through this article you will not only know about YouTube AdSense, but also understand how AdSense works and it is definitely the requirements that need to be fulfilled to become a YouTube Partner Program.

Anyone want to ask? Please leave a comment in the column. Or if you want to get the latest info from us, please subscribe via the form below. Hopefully useful!

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