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Tempted by the Legendary Sweet Fragrant Mango Scent! These 7 Benefits Contained In It

Mango fruit as a fruit that is from Asia and continues to spread to all corners of Indonesia. In Indonesia itself there are several variations of mangoes with various advantages, each of which is. In Indramayu there is a type of mango that is very popular by the majority of the community, its name is Mango Fragrant Manis.

For those of you who visit Indramayu, it is not complete with the tastes if you don't bring home the type mango this one. There are many vendors who offer Sweet Fragrant Mangoes in Indramayu, so you don't have trouble finding this fruit when you go.

The uniqueness that compares Mango Fragrantanis with other types of mangoes is that it smells or its most characteristic fragrant with a fruity taste that is as sweet as honey. Until it is not strange that many people are interested and taste the Sweet Fragrant Mango.

Its name, which is already very well known throughout Indonesia, makes this fruit never empty of demand. If you are looking for Mango Harumanis when it is not yet in season, then get ready to spend more. Because, the price of Harumanis can soar high in the market.

In this article, we will give a complete description related to Mango Wangi Sweet and a variety of benefits contained in it.

Get to Know the 4 Special Characters of Sweet

Fragrant MangoEs Before getting into a special review , first we will explain about some of the characters of Mango Wangianis who must be understood.

Mango Fragrantanis has a dark green outer skin color that is overlaid with wax. At the base of the fruit, you will find the skin of the fruit with a yellowish-green

color Mango Fragrantanis has white patches on all the surface of the peel.

In section inside you will find fruit flesh that has no fiber, thick flesh, and a sweet

fruit taste Mango Seeds Fragrantanis has small size, sprawling, the same size about 13-14 cm.

The length of the size of the fruit reaches 15 cm with the weight of the fruit reaching 450 g. The very interesting thing is that Mango Fragrantanis can produce around 50 kg / tree

The most recent characteristics as a comparison of Fragrant Mangoanis with other types of mangoes are perfumery its most fragrant when cooking prime.

7 Extraordinary Benefits of Sweet Fragrant Mango and its Ingredients in It

1. High

Wangianis mango has a very high vitamin C content, especially when the mango has not yet ripened primely. When it is primed, the vitamin C content in Sweet Fragrant Mango will shrink.

2. A Good Source of Anti-Oxidants for the Body

When Anti-oxidant Needs on the Body has been fulfilled, therefore the immune mechanism in the body will increase and able to protect the body from the adverse effects of free radicals.

Mango Fragrantanis contains Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Flavonoids which are useful for a good source of anti-oxidants for the body.

3. Makes the Body Feel Full Longer and Fits As a Diet

Food In Sweet fragrant mango contains pectin which can help the digestive process to slow down when processing food.

Such a situation can help the body to feel fuller and more long time. That way, Sweet Fragrant Mango is really is just right to be a food when you are running a diet program to lower body weight.

4. Streamlining the Digestive Process of the Body

Digestive problems such as constipation or difficult chapters can handled easily with regular consumption of Sweet Fragrant Mango.

Mango Fragrantanis has the most useful cellulose content to help the body Streamlining digestive processes.

5. Solidifying Blood Suppression and Heart

Rate Useful content that after that Potassium that can be proven help the body solidifies the heartbeat. A constant heartbeat can make the body avoid the risk of coronary heart disease.

In addition, Potassium is also useful for the body to strengthen blood pressure and reduce the risk of ting bloodgi and stroke disease.

The one that contains the great that is inside the Fragrant Mangoanis make this fruit really fit to be a healthy food every day.

Sweet Fragrant Mango can complete a variety of the most useful daily nutrients to body. To Those of you who run a diet program can also consume this fruit as a supporting food.

Cultivating Sweet

Fragrant Mango In addition to a variety of health benefits such as and the content of A, Iron, Potassium, and others . Sweet Fragrant Mango has a great magnetic power in the eyes of some plant cultivators.

This is because Sweet Fragrant Mango is counted in the easiest mango to care for and results the production is also very high.

How to determine the Sweet Fragrant Mango ready for harvest?

Mango Fragrantanis will harvested when it is primed, some special features that you can see is the color of the fruit that begins to turn yellow. Fruits that are ready for harvest have an age of about 4-5 months since the flowers begin to bloom.

Should not pick fruits too quickly and not ripening primely, because the taste of the fruit will it tastes sour and chelate and is really not delicious to eat.

Another thing you need to see is when it comes to reaping the fruit of the tree. You must be careful of reaping the fruit of sweet fragrant mango, do not let the fruit fall and the sap regarding the fruit that.

In general, Sweet Fragrant Mango begins to bloom in July - August and begins to ripen and is ready for harvested in September - December.

Processed Mango Fragrantanis that Can Tried

There are many steps you can work on to enjoy the benefits of Mango Fragrant Anis. If you don't want to be complicated, therefore you can consume mangoes directly in conditions fresh.

In addition, Sweet Fragrant Mango can also be made into a fresh juice by blending and merged with ice cubes.

Like young mangoes?

There is nothing wrong with making Sweet Fragrant Mango which is still fairly young as an ingredient make a fresh rojak.

Mango rojak will be even more delicious by being equipped with salt and chili seasonings that give more freshness .

Devouring this dish at noon together with the extended family as the happiest activity to be implemented.

In addition to the above preparations, there are also food manufacturers who processing Mango fragrantanis as dried fruit or canned so that it can be eaten and placed in the moment the longer.

That way it can add the selling price in the market, when compared to directly selling it on circumstances fresh.

Whatever preparations you want to try, the good content in the Fragrant Mangoanis can still be used with a variety of steps.


The special characteristics of Mango Fragrantanis are its most fragrance unique and able to attract some people to try. With thick fruit flesh and sweet fruit taste, it is not strange for many residents who like Mango Wangianis.

In addition to its delicious and alluring taste, Mango fragrantanis has a content that rich in benefits for health. One of them is the content of Vitamin C, anti-oxidants, and cellulose that can help your digestive mechanism become more fluent.

For the cultivation of the will to grow Mango Fragrantanis, therefore some the advantages to be obtained are very high productivity and lightness planting process.

We hope that the info we have provided above can provide many benefits to You're all those who've read it.

If there are still questions related to the topic above, please ask via the following existing commetar box. We'd love to be careful answering every question that comes in for you.

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