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Suitable for Healing and Vacation, These are the 10 Most Peaceful Countries in the World 2022!


Nowadays, healing is a necessity for those of us who live activities every day. Generally, solo traveling or traveling with family can be an option. If you like a vacation abroad, make sure you set a safe country, yes, Beauties!

The Institute for Economics and Peace has issued the 13th edition of the Global Peace Index or GPI which ranks 163 side countries according to their comfort level. Releasing Global Finance, here are the 10 most peaceful countries in the world in 2022 that are suitable for healing from routine activities of daily tasks. Yok, read it!


Iceland wrote a reduction of about 55 percent in the score of the violent demo after writing the highest score last year. Currently, the understanding of crime score in Iceland is the 10th lowest globally. Not only that, Iceland has teaching and welfare mechanisms that deserve to be followed, and has the best ranking in terms of subjective tasks and income.

New Zealand

New Zealand is still the most peaceful country in the Asia-Pacific territory and the 2nd most peaceful country in the world in 2022. In a sign of militarisation and citizen security, New Zealand is seen as a beautiful country to be home to. However, economic inequality remains a particular problem for 20% of citizens in the country.


Ireland ranks 3rd as the most peaceful country in the world and the 2nd most peaceful country in Europe. The country's comfort grew by 0.019 percent with a huge rise in all signs of security and safety, and militarization. In addition, Ireland is also one of the richest countries, the most developed countries, and the happiest countries in the world.


Denmark wrote a rise in security and safety signs this year. As a country that is safe to visit or become a home, Denmark is identified by high political stability, journalist freedom, and respect for human rights. The country has a high level of income equality and is often classified as the happiest country in the world.


Overall comfort in Austria increased by 0.018% and made it the 5th most peaceful country in the world. As the youngest member of the EU and outside nato, Austria is trying to wrestle with counter-political blocs and embrace new forms of cooperation with its neighbors. In addition, Austria works well in several measures of welfare, such as income and duties and housing.


During these years, this country with an population of about 10 million people already exists as one of the largest climbers in the Global Peace Index. In addition to going into the details of the most peaceful country in the world, Portugal was confirmed as the 5th most family-friendly country in the world by UNICEF. Portugal is seen as one of the top expatriates for the quality of its whole life style experience.


The country where Melania Trump was born is almost 60% of the country covered with trees and 40% is decorated by parks and nature reserves, as home to 20 thousand varied animals and plants. National Geographic appointed Slovenia as the champion of the World Heritage Award. In addition, Slovenia is the best-performing country in a developing Europe.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is already showing a steady rise in most sectors, from political stability to individual security and international interweaving. According to the OECD, the country works both in several measures of well-being and ranks above average in duties and income, work-life equilibrium, teaching, and skills. This small country with a population of million people has a low unemployment rate, which is 3%.


Singapore has been the 2nd most peaceful country in the Asia-Pacific territory for 3 consecutive years. Singapore is increasing significantly in signs of militarization with a large increase, particularly in nuclear weapons and heavy weapons. In addition, Singapore is one of the richest countries in the world that focuses on conservation, eco-friendly practices, and reclamation of places.


Despite having an increasing community of citizens from Europe and the United States, Japan still successfully occupies the highest rank for peace and quality of life. Throughout these years, the crime rate in Japan has been constantly naturally reduced. This Sakura Country has become a link for several other countries because of the success of waking up after experiencing the tsunami disaster 8 years ago and the development of its good technology.

These are some of the countries chosen to be the most peaceful countries in the world that can be a place of healing. The assessment was based on 23 signs classified into three requirements, namely the security and safety of citizens, the level of local and international disputes, and the level ofat militarization.

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