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Similar But Not the Same, This is a durian-like fruit that comes from Kalimantan

Indonesia is blessed with a great beautiful nature. The beauty of our homeland attracts many travelers to and visit and see for themselves the beauty of Indonesia. Not only delicious to look at, natural wealth such as fruit is also one of the attractions. Found in several Southeast Asian countries, including Indonesia, durian is a fruit that is targeted by many people. The same but not the same, apparently there is a Borneo fruit similar to durian.

1. Pekawai

The duren we know has a green color with pale flesh. This time there is a mini durian with a ripe yellow skin color and a clear orange on the flesh. This fruit is known as lai or pekawai. Pekawai bears fruit almost coincides with ordinary durian. But the fruit is smaller and does not have a pungent aroma. It's perfect for those who want to try durian but don't like the smell. Lai meat is found to be more chewy.

2. Lahung

There is a Borneo fruit similar to durian, namely lahung. This fruit can be green-skinned to red. The flesh also allurs with a bright red color. Make it curious, yes. The red durian, which has the Latin name durio graviolens, is very difficult to find, even in the original community. This fruit exists also in the Philippines.

3. Durian Kalih

Another type is known as durian kalih. This fruit from Borneo has a smaller size than ordinary durian with a light orange skin. The flesh is more juicy and an attractive cheerful yellow color. Similar to lai fruit, the fragrance is not as piercing as durian in general.

4. Karantungan

Quarantine is a type of fruit similar to other durians. The difference can be seen from the thorns on the skin that are getting bigger than ordinary duren. The fruits are small with not much flesh. Seeds from the flesh of the quarantine fruit are larger. The skin is evergreen, does not turn yellow. When it is ripe, therefore the fruit will fall off and recapture on its own.

Wow, apparently there are some Bornean fruits similar to durian that are not recognized. Because of its rare presence, don't forget to taste the fruit line above when visiting Kalimantan, yes

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