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Russia's Backlash If NATO Dares To Do This: Disaster in Plain Sight

Banaspati -- The Russians are now not fooling around. The country poses the threat of World War III breaking out immediately if Ukraine is accepted as a member of NATO. The terror was thrown by Deputy Secretary of the Russian Security Council Alexander Venediktov on Thursday (10/13/2022).

Moments after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the annexation of four Ukrainian regions, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky immediately called for NATO membership.

Zelensky's wish is far from being realized because all NATO members must give their agreement. Kyiv found out if such a means of collateral escalation to The 3rd World War said Venediktov had taken TASS.

Venediktov explained that he felt that Ukraine's desire to become a member of NATO was propaganda. The problem, Venediktov continued, is that the West understands the risks in Ukraine's membership in NATO, as quoted by Reuters.

The suicidal character of such a means is understood by nato members themselves, Venediktov said. Initially, Putin had repeatedly reviled the US for driving NATO's development eastward. Particularly the U.S. approach to some of the breakaway countries of the Soviet Union such as Ukraine and Georgia which Russia sees as a side of the scope of its impact.

Last month, Putin reminded the West that he did not snap at the use of nuclear weapons to protect Russian areas. In that regard, US President Joe Biden explained that the world is facing the most nuclear terror since the 1962 Cuban Missile Critical.

On the other hand, NATO will hold an annual nuclear preparedness exercise called Steadfast Noon next week.

Russia and the US have the most nuclear capabilities so far. The 2 countries regulate about 90% of the world's nuclear downstream. Venediktov explained Zelensky's invitation to a deterrent on Russia as a risky one. He warned that nuclear war would have a risk of disaster for the world.

We have to remember: nuclear disputes will affect corners of the world. It's not just Russia and the West, but every country on the planet, Venediktov said. The risk could be a disaster for all of humanity, Venediktov added.

Some people from Ukraine's southern Kherson area are predicted to start arriving in Russia after being evacuated.

a high-ranking official who Russia put the Ukrainian region, recommended citizens should go for their safety.

The problem is that Ukrainian troops are reported to have successfully worked forward to recapture their area.

This incident is a sign of a decline in Russia's grip on the area it claims to have annexed.

The Moscow faction also explained that it would help people move amid Ukraine's advancing retaliation.

"The government decided to arrange funds for the travel of regional citizens (Kherson)," said First Deputy Russian Minister Marat Khusnullin taken by Al Jazeera, Thursday (10/13/2022).

The governor of Ukraine's Russian-confirmed southern Kherson region initially explained to the citizens to take their children and run away.

The suggestion came after Kyiv explained it had retaken five settlements in the southern region.

In a video confession on Telegram, Vladimir Saldo publicly asked for Moscow's contribution to bringing civil society to an increasingly secure region.

"Every day, several cities in the Kherson area are targets for missile strikes," Saldo said.

"That way, the leadership of the Kherson government has already chosen to give the Kherson family the option to travel to other areas of the Russian League for rest and study."

"We recommend that all residents of the Kherson area if they wish, make themselves protected from the risk of missile strikes to other areas."

The Russian information office TASS gave a report of one first-time civil society group fleeing Kherson predicted to arrive in Russia's Rostov area after Friday.

Others are predicted to be in the direction of Crimea, which Moscow annexed in 2014.

For info, Kherson is of the 4 provinces of Ukraine occupied and this month it was published Russia has been annexed.

This province can be called vitally important because it regulates one of the land routes to the Crimean peninsula, and the mouth of the Dnieper, a giant river that cuts Ukraine.

Since early October, Ukrainian forces have broken through Russia's front lines there in their most development in the south since the war began.

Since then they have moved quickly along the western edge of the river, aiming to cut several thousand Russian soldiers from the supply lanes and prospective paths to retreat.

Kyiv explained that it had retaken more than 400 square km (155 miles) in the Kherson area in less than a week, with its troops heading towards the Nova Kakhovka dam for three km (two miles) which provided one of the most recent river crossings.

Ukraine's Move to Take Back the Kherson Area

The Ukrainian government is aiming to retake the Kherson area now controlled by Russian military forces.

To retake Kherson, Ukrainian military forces were found to have launched an onslaught targeting bridges around the region.

The British Ministry of Defense gave reports of high-intensive gun contact near Kherson.

Currently, Ukrainian military forces are trying to block the supply chain of Russian troops.

Some of the bridges that were attacked by Ukraine, which was the Daryivskyi and Antonivskyi bridges.

The 2 bridges were attacked by Ukraine using artillery guns contributed by the United States (US).

The pro-Russian Kherson government faction said that if the onslaught continues to be implemented therefore the 2 bridges will be crushed.

The British government said, if the 2 bridges were crushed therefore the capabilities of the Russian military forces in Ukraine would drop conspicuously.

Just before the onslaught was carried out, Ukrainian Deputy PM Iryna Vereshchuk had pressed for Ukrainians in Kherson to carry rescues out of the city.

The Ukrainian government conveyed the danger of the people being entangled in Kherson when the counter-invasion was carried out by Ukrainian military forces.

That on Monday (18/7/2022), the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmitry Kuleba announced that peace talks with Russia are only likely to occur when Russia loses on the battlefield.

Since the unsuccessfulness of peace talks in Turkey, there has not been a big timetable for peace talks already underway by Russia and Ukraine.

But NATO instead believes the dispute between Russia and Ukraine will end through negotiations.

This recognition was said by the Secretary-General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, Saturday (25/6/2022).

"Chances are, this war will be over at the negotiating table," Stoltenberg said.

Stoltenberg explained that now it is NATO's responsibility to ensure Ukraine has a strong status when talking to Russia so that the sovereignty of the country in Europe is always protected.

According to Stoltenberg, the best step to help Ukraine is to send military, economic, and threat contributions to Ukraine's opponent, Russia.

When asked when the peace talks would materialize, Stoltenberg declined to comment.

"Peace can always be achieved if you surrender," he said.

"But Ukraine is fighting for its independence, for its right to stand, for the right to be a democracy without surrendering to Russia's capabilities."

"And Ukraine is ready to pay a very high price to risk themselves for those values. "

"It's not our right to explain to them how far the sacrifices have to go," Stoltenberg said.

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