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Russia To Hold Nuclear Exercises, European Union Threatens: Russian Army Will Be Wiped Out If Putin Uses Nuclear!

Banaspati -- Russia will hold large numbers of exercises to include its nuclear capabilities, as President Vladimir Putin poses a threat to use them in a dispute in Ukraine. The United States (US) and its allies will be countered to compare what it is or is a coincidence.

As quoted by Reuters, Friday (10/14/2022), Russia generally holds large annual nuclear exercises around these months. The US and some Western officials predict Russia's nuclear drills will be held days ahead, with some TOP US officials expecting the drills to include ballistic missile experiments.

But with Putin frankly throwing the terror of nuclear use to defend Russia in its aggression into Ukraine, some top Westerners are anxious that Moscow is scorchingly composing its goals.

"Here's why you don't want to have too much warming rhetoric at a similar time you're going to have a nuclear exercise," said one top Western official, who was lazy to be named.

"That's why we have an additional hurdle to make sure that the treatment that we're witnessing, some of the things that happen, which is actually training and not anything else," he said.

But still, the Top Western official conveyed 'high confidence' in western powers to be able to compare that.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, at a meeting of journalists in Brussels, expressed confidence that the defense coalition would oversee Russia's annual nuclear exercises closely, just as it has been for so many years.

While at the White House, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said the Russian exercise, whose name is 'Grom', would include a large number of maneuvers from vital nuclear capabilities, counting the smuggling of direct missiles.

"While Russia is likely to believe these exercises will help it project capabilities, particularly highlighting recent events, we know that Russian nuclear units are training extensively this year," Kirby said while mentioning the US would be watching that.

A top U.S. defense official, who was lazy to be named, said Russian drills were predicted to be held at a time close to coincide with nato's annual nuclear preparedness exercises. The NATO nuclear exercise, called 'Steadfast Noon', is planned to be held next week.

"We believe that Russia's nuclear rhetoric and its determination to continue these exercises during the war with Ukraine, is irresponsible," the US defense official told Reuters.

"Showing nuclear weapons to impose on the US and its allies is irresponsible," he said.

The Russian Defense Ministry has not commented on this.

In the last few weeks, Putin proclaimed the annexation of Ukrainian areas and posed a threat to guard Russian areas with nuclear weapons. A senior NATO official made it clear Russia's use of nuclear weapons was likely to spur a 'physical response' from the defense coalition.

EU foreign regulatory chief Josep Borrell threw a harsh terror on Russia. He recalled that Russian forces would be "eliminated" by the Western military's response if President Vladimir Putin used nuclear weapons to challenge Ukraine.

Putin made it clear he didn't snap. Well, he can't afford to yell, and it should be clear if some people who provide support for Ukraine and the European Union and some member states, and the United States and NATO don't even yell," Borrell said at the opening of the Diplomatic College in Belgium, as quoted by the AFP information office, Friday (10/14/2022).

"Any nuclear onslaught on Ukraine will make an answer, not a nuclear answer, but the most powerful answer from the military faction to the Russian army will be eliminated," he said.

Fears that Moscow could use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine have grown after Putin unleashed terror when he announced the annexation of four Ukrainian areas occupied by Russian forces.

Initially, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg had warned Russia of the "chronic risk" of issuing a nuclear strike on its pro-Western neighbor.

"We're not reviewing exactly how we're going to respond, but for sure, it's going to fundamentally replace the character of the dispute," Stoltenberg said.

"Even any smaller use of nuclear weapons can be the most serious thing," he said.

A senior NATO official on Wednesday (12/10) explained that Russia's use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine "almost certainly spurs a physical response from many allies, and has the potential of NATO itself".

NATO has stopped making threats to use its nuclear arsenal to respond to Russia because Ukraine, which is a non-NATO member, is not covered by the common self-defense clause.

The US and NATO have so far avoided military interference in the Ukraine dispute for fear of spurring a chronic nuclear dispute with Moscow.

"The fundamental direction of the NATO nuclear deterrent is to maintain peace and contain invasions and withstand coercion on NATO allies," Stoltenberg said.

"The conditions under which NATO may have to use nuclear weapons are far away," he concluded.

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