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Rishi Sunak: Who is he and why would he want to be british prime minister now?

If Rishi Sunak wins, he will become the first British prime minister of Asian-British blood.

Former British Finance Minister Rishi Sunak won the selection of the chairmanship of the ruling Conventional Party and could automatically become prime minister, replacing liz Truss who stepped down.

Sunak's victory was confirmed on Monday (24/10) after one of the matches, Penny Mordaunt withdrew from the contestation. Since its inception Sunak has continued to get support from his colleagues in the Conventional Party.

Based on the party selection process, the candidate for the chairman must be supported by at least 100 MPs from Conventional. Sunak pocketed the support far past the minimum limit.

Rishi Sunak automatically replaced Liz Truss and became the first British man of Asian descent to lead the country. But in the midst of critical economic and party unrest, why are there still people who want to be prime ministers?

The British prime minister acquired an exclusive Georgian-looking home in the middle of London, several hundred staff, individual trips and engaged in conversations with the King each week.

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This status means that the person has the opportunity to do some good things and improve the lives of some people. And whatever happens, the prime minister will put a name in the history.

But at this time, why are there still people who want to adjust to the contestation of the selection of party leaders in order to be the prime minister?

This question was posed by the BBC host, Laura Kuenssberg, to a senior Downing Street staffer, and the response she received was, "Actually, I don't understand the answer."

At the very top of the list of issues that need to be resolved by britain's new prime minister is the economic problems that afflict the country.

Britain is advancing to the poverty line and the public feels that - or just as mentioned with a minister in the cabinet, "We have similar problems as they were originally and plus economic critical."

The unrest created by the government of Liz Truss, which is only a lifetime old, has made the Conventional Party - or Tory - the side of the problem. His decisions, which were subsequently quickly undone, have already made the UK violently enforced on several financial exchanges.

Liz Truss became a history printer - but for reasons that are completely wrong.

There will be more and more families and business people who live harder lives and many of them will blame Tory for the financial hardships that will be in the future.

Sunak will have less and less funds to distribute to public needs.

England's health body, the NHS, is already short of money, as are many areas of services for the elderly and some people with disabilities. The teaching field has struggled to catch up after Covid.

The transportation sector is declining, there are also problems with the construction of some houses. Nor are there any obstacles to weather transition and the availability of energy. The list of these issues remains increasingly long.

There is an argument as to why Treasury Secretary Jeremy Hunt explained there would be "some difficult decisions". A cut could happen, and not because of just a moderately high inflation rate.

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Outside of Britain, this country's support for Ukraine need not be re-asked - but so far no one can explain, how long the war will last, or how it will be over.

How do Britain and its allies deal with China? And the conflict with the European Union over the Irish edge, the remaining issues that Brexit brings, is not over yet.

On paper, the new prime minister must have the political power to at least initiate the resolution of those problems, as Tory has a largely divided majority of votes in Parliament.

But all the party's internal problems have made "the party unmanageable," a minister in the cabinet said.

Who is Rishi Sunak?

The former finance minister is in 2nd place , behind Liz Truss, at the selection of the Conventional Party leadership that ran last month.

He existed as a special candidate after former First Minister Boris Johnson announced he would not contest. Sunak has the most open sympathizers among conventional MPs.

In his initial selection challenging Truss, he had already warned his rival's tax idea it would sink the British economy but he was unsuccessful in giving his party members confidence and lost by 21,000 votes.

Sunak's parents arrived to England from east Africa and his 2nd came from India. Sunak became the first British minister to be based on a British-Asian background.

Born in Southampton, Sunak grew up attending a private school, then pursued high teaching at Oxford Campus and then Stanford.

He became mp in 2015 and although few people in Westminster have heard of his name, he became finance minister in February 2020.

In his early period of standing, he should have faced the plague, spending a lot of money to maintain economic viability, which orbited his reputation.

However, his popularity was tarnished after there were pros and cons of tax problems from his wife, and soon he was fined for violating the provisions of the regional quarantine.

In order to win the inaugural bench of the minister this time, Sunak barus met 2 other big figures.

One of them was Boris Johnson - who was forced to step down from the inaugural bench of ministers by his own partymates.

Still, there are still some Tory members who are saddened that he's stepping down - and they believe now is the right time for Johnson to return.

One of his sympathizers in the cabinet spoke, "he is important to us in 2019, and he is important to us at the moment" - 1/2 jokingly explained they were making "the biggest revival after Lazarus".

But that doesn't mean this idea is easily accepted by people. A former minister spoke anxiously, "Half of the Tory Party will be disappointed and 90% of the people of this country will be disappointed."

Boris Johnson, undeniably, is the biggest celebrity politician today. But many of his party associates believe he was popular because of his badness, not because he was admired.

If Johnson can't mediate his party under his leadership then, then what's going to be different right now? Still, Johnson remains a big risk for Sunak, who is said to be a favorite of many MPs.

Some groups blamed Sunak for Johnson's collapse and probably never fully accepted him as leader. A source spoke, "There is a big side of the Conventional Party that does not want to work under Rishi."

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Some of Sunak and Johnson's sympathizers felt their enemies could not unite the party, which to take Tory in a "vicious circle of arguments", according to a cabinet minister.

According to recent polls, outside westminster's Parliament House, the conventional party's fame sags considerably. Only the leadership of a superhuman can save the current track record of the party.

Then, why is there still someone who wants the position of the current prime minister?

That's politics. A mixture of noble vocations to serve citizens and a passion for following determination.

Or as mentioned with a senior minister, "There will always be a person from the Tory Party who believes they are the chosen ones who can lead all the people in the land they promised."

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