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Rich in Nutrients, Here are the Benefits of Brown Rice and How to Cook It

Brown rice is one of the types of rice that many Indonesians eat. The benefits of brown rice for health are as follows:

Brown rice is quite widely eaten by Indonesians. Generally, those who eat rice are running a diet program or are applying a healthy lifestyle. Compared to white rice, rice with a red color has lower calories. The nutritional value in this type of rice is quite high. Therefore, the benefits of rice are very diverse. What are the benefits and how to process it?

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Nutritional Content in Brown Rice

Based on a statement in the Pasundan Food Techonology Journal, brown rice as mashed rice whose husk sides are separated. This rice has a gene content that can produce anthocyanins which are useful as anti-oxidants, anti-cancer, and high anti-glycemic.

In that time, at the site, found in 100 g of brown rice there are many nutrients such as 64 gr of water, 149 calories of energy, 2.8 gr of protein, 0.4 gr of fat, 32.5 gr of carbohydrates, 0.3 gr of fiber, and 6 mg of calcium. There were 63 mg of phosphorus, 0.8 mg of iron, 5 mg of sodium, 91.4 mg of potassium, 43 mg of magnesium, 0.9 mg of zinc, 0.20 micrograms of copper, 1.6 mg of vitamin B3, and 0.06 mg of vitamin B1.

Benefits of Brown Rice for Health Watching from the amount of nutritional value in brown rice, tah confused if the benefits of brown rice are many. The benefits of brown rice for health are as follows:

1. Prevents Free Radicals

Brown rice can prevent free radicals because it contains anti-oxidants. In fact, according to the Asian Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences, the anti-oxidant content of flavonoids in brown rice is higher than brown rice. The following high anti-oxidant content makes brown rice more efficient for challenging free radicals.

2. Reduce Cholesterol Content

Cholesterol in the body when it is too high can affect health. Therefore, the cholesterol content must be lowered so that it continues to be normal. To lower bad cholesterol can be done by consuming more foods that have fiber. Brown rice as a source of fiber that can be eaten every day.

3. Withholding the Risk of Heart Disease

In it is explained that brown rice is useful for resisting the risk of heart disease. This is because brown rice has the power to reduce cholesterol content which is one of the causes of heart disease.

4. Resist Diabetes

Diabetes is caused by an increased sugar content in the blood. The deterrence effort can be by consuming low-sugar foods. Brown rice as a food that has a low glycemic index. This index is a score or number to determine the level of speed at which food switches to blood sugar.

5. Good for Bone Health

The mineral content, especially magnesium in brown rice, is also useful for maintaining bone health. This is the same as the caption in the journal Nutrients in 2017. If the body only gets a small amount of magnesium, the natural risk of osteoporisis is higher. Besides being able to withstand osteoporisis, magnesium in brown rice can treat bone and other joint problems.

6. Useful for Skin Health

As stated in the journal circulated by the Brazilian Society of Dermatology, brown rice rich in anti-oxidants is useful in maintaining healthy skin. Healthy skin will make the performance look fresher and more beautiful.

7. Facilitates Digestive Flow

Taken at site, brown rice has many benefits for the health of the digestive organs such as resisting constipation and keeping the good bacteria in the intestines still taken care of. The fairly high content of fiber and complex carbohydrates makes this healthy food can help maintain digestive health.

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8. Withstanding the Risk of Cancer

Still extracting from, the next benefit of organic brown rice is that it is a step to withstand the risk of cancer. The high content of anti-oxidants makes this food able to withstand damage to body cells caused by free radicals.

Benefits of Brown Rice for Diet

Another benefit of organic brown rice is that it helps lose weight quickly. Quoted from the website, brown rice can have an impact on satiety for longer. In addition, the content of magnesium and other minerals is good for health. This healthy food can also equate blood sugar and insulin.

Another information regarding the benefits of brown rice for diet is explained on the website which says that the fiber content in brown rice plays a role in maintaining satiety for longer.

There are many guidelines that can be followed to lose weight with the consumption of brown rice.

1. Breakfast Menu

Brown rice can be eaten at breakfast for energy supplies throughout the day's activities. On the breakfast menu you can add green vegetables such as broccoli as an accompaniment menu. Increase fruit consumption to increase vitamins and nutrients in the body.

2. Lunch

At lunch, you can also consume brown rice plus additional side dishes that are high in protein such as breast, fish, and eggs. In addition, you must also add green vegetables and fruits to add nutrients.

3. Dinner

At dinner, you can consume brown rice plus additional side dishes such as salmon, spinach, tofu and healthy side dishes. In addition to the menu, dinner rations should also be a concern, make sure there is not much consumption of kerbohydrate. Therefore, for the ration of brown rice at dinner, only 1/2 of the ration is enough.

In order to lose weight quickly, in addition to using the benefits of brown rice for your diet, you must also balance it with regular exercise and adequate rest schemes. That way, a good body weight can be obtained faster.

Benefits of Brown Rice for Stomach Acid

Stomach acid is one of the health problems in the digestive flow that is widely felt. Currently, there are many drugs that are believed to be able to treat gastric diseases. Efforts to treat this disease can be carried out by eating healthy foods.

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According to, brown rice is one of the food references for patients with stomach acid disease. This food contains complex carbohydrates that are easy for the body to process. Another information regarding the benefits of brown rice for stomach acid is explained in, which says that foods that contain high fiber are good to eat during stomach ulcers. Brown rice is one of the foods with a high source of fiber.

In addition to the consumption of healthy foods, there are also guidelines for dealing with ulcers so that they recover quickly. Taken from site, here are the tips.

1. Arranging Rations 

Eating When stomach acid is on the rise, the meal ration should not be mostly better at eating food in a small but frequent ration. If you eat mostly, therefore the production of acid in the stomach will also increase. Most of the acids in the stomach follow that can result in irritation.

2. Can't Eat Before Bedtime 

The next healthy guide is not to eat before going to bed. Ensure a minimum of three hours of eating at bedtime. This is so that food can be processed properly and gastric acid reflux can be avoided.

3. Stay away from Cooked Foods 

Cooked food is getting harder and harder to process. Therefore, to deal with stomach acid problems, the food eaten should be processed by steaming, boiling, or baking.

4. Increase Healthy Food

In addition to brown rice, some other healthy foods are also recommended to be eaten when stomach acid disease is on the rise. Some healthy foods include green vegetables, foods rich in high protein, and fruits.

Steps to Process Delicious Brown Rice To process brown rice is actually almost the same as rice in general. However, brown rice has a smaller taste than white rice. There are many guidelines that can be done to process brown rice so that its delicious taste and nutritional value do not disappear. Just as explained in

The steps to process brown rice are as follows:

1. Put Rice in the Refrigerator Brown rice placed in the refrigerator can apparently increase the taste value of this rice. You can store rice in a closed and airtight place. Then put it in a cooling cupboard.

2. Should Not Store Rice For Too Long Brown rice is not good to put over time because storage that over time can reduce the oil content in the rice. When the oil shrinks, therefore the taste of brown rice will taste bitter.

3. Soak the Rice Before Processing The step of processing brown rice is recommended by soaking first. You can keep the rice in the water for about 30 minutes so that the brown rice becomes more tender. The water used to harbor does not need to be mostly enough 4 glasses of water for one glass of rice.

4. Roasting Brown Rice In addition to being hidden, the guide to obtaining the next delicious taste of rice is to grill brown rice first. You can animate over the face plus the addition of a little olive oil. Then add water until the rice releases a fragrant fragrance.

5. After Cooking Should Not Be Served Immediately After brown rice is cooked, it should not be consumed quickly. Leave the brown rice for about 10 minutes or until moisture disappears. With this step, the rice will be lighter and megar with prime. These are some of the benefits of brown rice for health along with guidelines for processing it so that it becomes a delicious food.

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