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Recipe for Yellow Chicken Soto with Fresh Clear Soup, typical of the Indonesian people

Soto ayam is a typical Indonesian food in the form of a type of chicken soup with a yellowish sauce. The yellow color is due to turmeric which is used as a spice. Soto ayam can be found in many areas in Indonesia and Singapore.

Banaspati -- This yellow chicken soup tastes delicious and fresh. The stuffing of shredded chicken and vegetables makes this soto filling to be enjoyed with warm rice. Slurp, delicious!

Soto ayam in Central Java is usually a clear soup. There is a yellow broth and there is a clear soup. Generally use free-range chicken as the main ingredient.

The yellow gravy of this chicken soup is because the seasoning uses turmeric. In addition to making the aroma and taste of the broth more savory, turmeric also provides benefits for good immunity.

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Instead of soto snack, with homemade soto the whole house can enjoy it too. You can add rice or rice cake too. Moreover, the side dishes include fried tempeh, intestine satay and potato cakes. More solid!

If you want to make your own yellow chicken soup, follow these recipes and tips. You can use native chicken or country chicken, according to taste.

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1/2 free-range chicken, cut in half

1.5 liters of air

3 tbsp vegetable oil

1 lemongrass stalk, bruised

2 bay leaves

2 lime leaves

Ground spices:

5 cloves of garlic

3 cloves of red onion

4 pecans

3 cm turmeric

1 cm ginger

1/2 tsp pepper granules

2 tsp salt


100 grams of bean sprouts

100 gr suntan, brew hot water

2 boiled eggs

2 tbsp scallions

4 tbsp fried red onion

4 tbsp chili sauce

2 limes, cut into pieces

How to make :

Bring the water to a boil, boil the chicken over low heat until the chicken is almost tender.

Saute ground spices with lime leaves, bay leaf, lemongrass and stir until cooked and fragrant. Lift.

add to the chicken stew.

Boil over low heat until the chicken is soft.

Remove chicken, drain until slightly dry.

Fry the chicken until the outside is dry. Drain.

Coarsely chop the chicken.

Arrange chicken, suntan, bean sprouts in a serving bowl.

Pour in the hot broth.

explained with green onions, fried onions, chili sauce and lime.

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1. To get a clear yellow chicken soup, you can use domestic chicken. Reduce the amount of boiling water if using domestic chicken because domestic chicken softens faster and contains a lot of water.

2. Boiled chicken can be fried briefly so that it tastes crispy and savory.

3. Soto ayam is hot so that it tastes better.

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