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Putin has now prepared 11 nuclear bombers on nato borders, Europe is getting worse

Banaspati -- Putin's 11 nuclear bombers are ready for NATO's enemies, a geopolitical war in the face of the eyes.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is currently preparing for the ugliest opportunities.

Putin has now prepared 11 nuclear bombers on the banks of NATO.

Based on satellite data Planet Labs has a Norwegian evidence testing site, Russian President Vladimir Putin said he had deployed 11 bombers into NATO's peripheral territories.

In a satellite image report taken by on Wednesday (12/10/2022), it was revealed that seven Tu-160 vital bombers and four Tu-95 aircraft of the Moscow military were arranged it is lined up at Engel air base which is only 20 miles from the Norwegian bank.

The stockpile of nuclear weapons at the air base was carried out by Putin as a form of snapping at NATO, the active ones have helped increase Kyiv's defenses amid the turmoil of Russian aggression in Ukraine.

The moment before this turmoil broke out, Russia had already issued an apocalyptic warning to the West or Ukraine. But the warning was instead ignored.

It is this argument that makes Putin take the next step in the West press.

The same action Russia initially implemented earlier this month by placing several bombers at an air base near the Finnish banktaken from The Sun.

Although the terror that Putin has carried out has great potential for increasing fears of the Defense Deal North Atlantic (NATO) over the terror of nuclear war.

But that didn't make NATO back down instead it was done the coalition's closed-door meeting makes it clear to always improve preparations to challenge Russia by holding ideal joint nuclear exercises.

Different from the initial act of hoarding weapons, this time Russia used His favorite weapons such as the Jet Tu-160, as the name implies, this supersonic bomber is made capable of gliding at a maximum speed of 2.05 or 2.220 km/hand is capable of flying at an optimal altitude of 15,000 meters. or 49,200 feet.

The vintage of this bomber jet can maneuver up to 12,300 km without refueling along the length of the flight.

For bomb capability, the Tu-160 Jet has two launchers that can each grasp six missiles weighing 40,000 kg.

That's not all the Tu-160 can carry nuclear-explosive missiles that are ejected from the air, such as the Raduga Kh-102.

With the following explosive power, the Tu-160 jet was called a very dangerous bomber aircraft in the world.

In addition to the 160 jets, Russia was found deploying Tu-95 bombers at Engel air base.

Although the Tu 95 is one of the oldest aircraft working with the Russian military.

But it affected the performance of these bombers.

The Tu-95 or Bear operated with 4 large turbo powers is found to have more maneuvering achievements than 15,000 km (9,300 mi) with a speed of 920 km /h.

For strength, the Tu 95 can carry several high-tech missiles including the Raduga Kh-20, Kh-22, Kh-26, and air missilesA-55 with weight reaches Up to 15,000 kg.

Russia Imposes Must The Russian military

imposed partial deployments, the reserve army quickly fled.

A Russian reserve soldier quickly walked out of his country because he did not want to be delivered in the direction of the battlefield.

The 29-year-old had an ugly premonition before the deployment of information partial in Russia it is applied.

The man whose name is Oleg quickly left Russia moments after Russian President Vladimir Putin shocked the public Moscow with a partial deployment order,

Oleg initially received a draft of his form in the mailbox.

It commanded Oleg to go to the center of the local recruitment in Kazan, the Capital of the Tartarstan Republic.

Oleg admits he has a hunch he could be the first time in the ranks (reserve army) if deployment is partially published.

But he hopes there will be no insistence on going into battle in Ukraine.

"My heart sank when I got the call," he said, as taken by The Guardian.

"But I found outI didn't have time to give up hope," he said.

Quickly Oleg packed up all his belongings and ordered a one-way ticket to Orenburg, the southern Russian city that is close to the same bank as Kazakhstan.

"I'm going to drive over the edge tonight," he said during the review. telephone on Thursday from the airfield in Orenburg.

"I don't understand when I will set foot in Russia again".

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