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Note, These 4 Differences Between Anggora and Persian Cats


"The inequality of an Anggora and Persian cats can be clearly seen, because most sides of the body will look different. The 2 types of cats of this breed have long hairs, but the similarity is not only stopped there. Persian cats and Anggora have different physical dispositions, furs and care, and temperament."

The inequality of the anggora and Persian cats is on most sides of its body. Then you don't have trouble comparing it.

Although these 2 cat breeds have the same dense and long hairs, still Anggora and Persian cats in fact have many dissimilarities starting from their personality, level of activity, and body needs. By knowing the 2nd inequality, you can determine which type of cat is the best and really want to be a pet.

Witnessing the Inequality of Anggora and Persian Cats

Anggora and Persian cats are two different types of cat breeds. Therefore, the needs and characters will be different as well. Here are some inequalities of Anggora and Persian cats that should be understood:

Physical Disposition

One of them is the real inequality of these 2 types of cats in the form of their faces. Persian cats are known by their short, flat, and short nose. While the anggora cat leans towards having a taller nose with a distinctive head shape. Persian cats have large and round eyes with far apart. While the location of the cat's ears is low and close to the same head.

In Anggora cats, the shape of the eyes is almond-like and slightly tilted upwards. The location of the ears of this cat is side by side and often Anggora cats have a different eye color. The inequality of an Anggora and Persian cats is in size. Anggora cats are slimmer with long tail hairs, and Persians have a fairly muscular body shape with short legs and a short, thick tail.

Cat Hairs and Care

Persian cats are known to have long and dense hairs composed of 2 layers, namely the upper arrangement and the lower arrangement. To restrain tangled hairs and the creation of hairballs, it is recommended to comb the hairs of Persian cats daily. Be sure to bathe the cat regularly to keep her body clean.

The fur of an Anggora cat is generally not as far away as the Persian cat. However, the hairs of these cats are generally less often tangled and soft. So that the cat's hairs are regularly neat, it is recommended to comb at least once or 2x a week.


The next inequality is in the cat's temperament. Anggora is known as a friendly and affectionate cat. This cat breed is also known to be independent, smart, and active in running and has a feeling of hunting. Anggora cats tend to like high places, to the possibility of frequent climbing. In that time, Persian cats are sweeter, pleasant to calm, and smooth. This type of cat loves to acquire a gentle treatment. This cat does not like soaring and the activities that have been carried out are skewed as necessary.

Because of the previously mentioned character, Persian cats tend not to like the arrival of children, especially if they disturb the tranquility of the animal with the fur. While Anggora cats can live well with small children. In addition, Anggora cats are easier to live with other animals, unlike Persian cats who do not like there are problems in their routine.

Risk of Health Problems

The majority of purebred cats have a good state of health. However, it is prone to certain genetic problems. Both Anggora cats and Persian cats are said to have heart problems known as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which is a condition that results in a thickening of the heart muscle. Eye diseases are prone to occur, in particular in Persian. Because, the large and conspicuous eyes in this cat make it prone to infections and eye irritation, and its flat and short nose can cause respiratory problems.

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