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Lebanon Insists on Returning Syrian Refugees, and Saudi Arabia Distributes Aid to Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

Banaspati -- The Lebanese government began sending Syrian refugees back to their home countries starting late next week.

This was said by Lebanese President Michel Aoun on Wednesday (12/10/2022).

Aoun explained that his country could not afford to re-load some Syrian refugees, numbering more than 1 million people.

He downplayed the concerns of human rights officials who feared for their safety when they returned to their country.

Lebanon contains the highest number of refugees per capita in the world.

The administration predicts a community of more than six million countries accounting for about 1.5 million refugees from neighboring Syria, though well below the 1 million recorded by her.

A legitimate source explained the return would only include those who voluntarily re-registered to return with Lebanese Public Security bodies.

In which, cooperation with the Lebanese Ministry of Social Issues.

The Lebanese government is not forcing Syrian refugees to leave.

The ministry's top brass of public security and social issues did not immediately respond to the desire for comment.

Lebanon's minister for some displaced persons, Issam Charafeddine has announced a plan to return about 15,000 refugees to Syria /per month.

He claimed the majority of Syria's areas were safe after more than a decade of war.

The idea did not include the UNHCR, which said the situation in Syria was unlikely for the return of large numbers of refugees.

UNHCR did not immediately respond to the desire for comment, as quoted by AFP, Wednesday (12/10/2022).

New York-based advocacy line Human Rights Watch (HRW) explained Syria is not yet safe for those returning.

Syrian refugees returning between 2017 and 2021 from Lebanon and Jordan face gross human rights violations," said Lama Fakih, Director of HRW's Middle East Section.

"They are experiencing repression at the hands of the Syrian government and affiliated militias, he continued.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad issued a major amnesty initially this year for a variety of crimes.

Temasek has been done by Syrians who fled their country throughout the 11-year dispute.

Syria's ruling faction explained it had relaxed some measures for those who had already fled the military.

A special driving factor for some of the young men who fled Syria, counting to Lebanon.

But human rights officials and diplomats have warned that the collateral is not enough.

In its September 2022 report, the UN commission in Syria explained the country was not yet safe for those returning. 

King Salman's Humanitarian Contribution Body (KSRelief) distributed contributions of about 314 baskets of food to Syrian refugees in the West Bekaa area of Lebanon.

The contribution has been allocated on Saturday (1/10/2022) to 1,570 people in the region.

On the contrary, KSRelief ended the eleventh and twelfth volunteer programs in the Zaatari refugee camp for Syrians in Jordan, as quoted by Arab News, Monday (3/10/2022).

The idea included 26 volunteers from a variety of clinical, psychic, social, and teaching backgrounds who offered skills to some people in need.

They have provided training to 236 people.

The teaching program to 185 people and computer care to 194 people.

Next, the first aid service to 430 people, and psychic counseling to 260 people.

The clinical services provided benefits for 29 patients at the heart clinic for children.

Furthermore, 184 people in the dermatology department and 75 patients needed physiotherapy treatment. 

Saudi Arabia's King Salman's Humanitarian Contribution Body (KSRelief) has sent more than 8000 boxes of food funds to families in need.

Contributions continued in Pakistan, Lebanon, and Bangladesh, and the Saudi Press Agent (SPA) reported on Sunday (9/10/2022).

Team KSRelief distributed 3,028 baskets of food to flood-ravaged Pakistan.

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