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Iran Threatened to Cancel to 2022 World Cup, What Are Italy's Chances?

 Just in less than a month until the start of the World Cup in Qatar 2022, the issue of over-the-top national team exemptions. The target is Iran, which is counted in Group B alongside the United Kingdom, the United States and Wales.

Recent internal events in the Middle Eastern country, which need to face resistance after the death of Mahsa Amini in prison, have given impetus to the idea divided into Iranian football players, athletes and activists, who have already sent a legitimate letter to FIFA, which accuses Iran of limiting civil rights: "Iran's brutality in its own people has reached a crisis point, and this is forcing a firm and unequivocal dissociation of the world of football and sports. Women have always been banned from entering stadiums, a structural practice to get them out of the football pyramid'.

"It is clear that the Iranian Football League only follows and applies the basis of government, and therefore cannot be witnessed as an independent organization free from all forms or types of impact. This is a violation (Article 19) of the FIFA Statute."

Rumours of a chance of disqualification (which is still a long way off due to the momentary time available for FIFA to take action) have warmed up to some fans on social media regarding the italian national team's repechage thesis as the ruling European champions: a free desire, remember if in the case of tehran's selection exception in the foremost status for its substitution, there will be representatives of the federation similar to those perceived. Next up the United Arab Emirates, conquered in the play-off set by Australia.

The lockdown and pepper spraying on 2,000 women that stadium security officials had already carried out as Iran beat Lebanon 2-0 in the 2022 World Cup Qualifier match appears to be long-tailed. The problem is that the flight ticket to Qatar that has been in the hands of Dragan Skocic's forces could have been withdrawn. Based on an Aljazeera report, Thursday (31/3/2022), around 12,000 viewers came to the Lebanese version of the Iranian match, accounting for 2,000 women who had bought tickets. But several thousand women who wanted to give support were forced out of the stadium. Although actually since 2019, FIFA has reminded Iran to stop banning women from entering the tribune. But these events are always repeated, and the following are what make iranian audiences anxious that tickets to the 2022 World Cup are in danger of being withdrawn.

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It was the same as Iranian Football League member Mehrdad Seradschi said. In his personal Twitter account, he wrote: "alarming information from FIFA and the Asian Football Federation." Football Italia reported that the most important approach is for FIFA to remove Iran from the 2022 World Cup, where they have already booked a venue at the quadrennial football party. If that happens, based on the theory FIFA could promote one country to replace Iran. One of them is by using the highest coefficient requirement in the world rankings.

That theory would allow Italy, the so-called 2020 European Cup champions, to slide into the turnaround of the 2022 World Cup final Qatar in place of Iran. The Italian national team initially had to be left out of the semi-finals of the 2022 World Cup Qualification playoffs in Europe finished losing 0-1 to North Macedonia.

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