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Getting to Know the Amazon Forest Indigenous Tribes, Inland Tribes Far from Civilization

 The Amazon jungle is the largest tropical jungle in the world. Its area reaches seven million square km. Because of the vastness of the jungle, it is called the lungs of the world because it is able to produce 30% oxygen from all those on earth. Although this jungle is really vast, apparently there are still indigenous tribes of the Amazon jungle inside.

As the name implies, the indigenous tribes of the Amazon jungle do live in the Amazon jungle. The tribe is widespread as far away as the jungle in nine South American countries; Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana.

Details of the indigenous tribes of the Amazon jungle

According to the Coordinator of Indigenous Organization on the Amazon Basin, there are at least about million indigenous tribes of the Amazon jungle. They consisted of more than 400 tribes in that tropical jungle.

Where that number is divided into 350 other ethnicities, and 60 of them are isolated.

It is mentioned that until now there is one tribe in question, with the physical characteristics of the people being tall, blue-eyed, and white. What they look like and how they survive in the midst of the wilderness remains a mystery.

But what is clear is that this indigenous tribe of the Amazon jungle still lives with a state of being far from civilization even in modern times. One of them is a tribe that lives in the interior of the forest and is difficult to get, that is, the Huorani tribe.

The Huaorani are an isolated tribe in the interior of the Amazon jungle by living without clothes, dependent on nature, and the most feared creatures in the Amazon jungle.

According to research, the Huaorani people occupy territory in the interior of the Amazon jungle next to eastern Ecuador. In more detail, as far as the channel of the Napo River and the Curacay River whose territory is known by the call Quehueri'ono.

This river is one of the most difficult areas to reach.

Survive in the midst of the jungle

In his life, this indigenous tribe of the Amazon jungle survived in the middle of the jungle and was completely dependent on nature. They forage by hunting animals in the jungle and reaping fruits.

As for drinking, this tribe takes water from the Amazon river.

In fact, because of the very long time in the jungle, they really explore in determining which fruit has a toxin content and which river is filled with crocodiles or predators.

Despite living in the middle of the jungle, the Huaorani still maintain the beliefs of some ancestors. They obeyed the prohibition of hunting deer as game animals, because they looked at his eyes like human eyes.

Besides, they did not kill snakes. Because they believe that if they kill snakes, it is a sign of bad luck, and something can happen to them.

Denying the outside world

Based on its history, this indigenous tribe of the Amazon jungle has occupied tropical jungles for more than a thousand years. The tribe never came out of its minds and forests for foreigners to visit.

They completely cover themselves from the wide world, to the point that there is also no one on those who wear shirts.

Until the middle era, some European sailors landed on the mainland of South America and some Spanish soldiers colonized Ecuador, apparently this Huaorani tribe dared to fight.

They categorically refused to be moved to the city area and wanted to stay in the jungle and watch it so that it would still be maintained. According to history, the Huaorani people have never experienced the defeat of war, the most important aspect of this is that the citizens of this tribe really understand the consequences of the Amazon jungle.

Has sharp weapons

The Huaorani tribe has a sharp weapon called tapa. This weapon is a toxin chopstick that has a length of up to 2 meters. In his chopsticks, he was given a curare toxin.

This toxin they obtained from the plant species Chondodendron tomentosum and Strychnos toxifera, which became superior to other native tribes of the Amazon.

Usually this toxin they use to hunt animals. When this weapon concerns their game animals, therefore the muscles of the animal will limp instantly.

But it's a different narrative if they feel threatened by human behavior. They will increase the amount of the toxin, until the moment when the human being is attacked by the chopstick child, therefore at that time it will also be paralyzed, limp and the heartbeat will stop.

Few people dare to disturb the Huaorani tribe. Even some outside loggers in the Amazon jungle also feel the horror of the Huaorani tribe.

This happened when some loggers wanted to cut down some trees in the Amazon jungle. They feel threatened because their homes are being damaged by humans.

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