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China's Economy and Military Are Growing, The United States Fears China Can Rule the World

China's changes in terms of technoogy and military have really worried the United States.

In fact, China is also said to be about to dominate the world with the speed they are doing.

A reality that makes the United States more troubled and gains a balanced enemy.

China has always been working forward. technological changes supported by the economy have made the country far a few steps away.

In fact, China has slowly begun to balance the United States and one sat will leave the US

Nach, China's way of ability to bring out security terror for the United States, recalls there was a senior leader in President Joe Biden's administration, "it's certainly the president of the United States and his family members" and some people in the cabinet who "work on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party," former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Sunday in a review on Fox News's "Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo."

"They have clients in China and are really connected," said Pompeo, who worked for the government of former President Donald Trump.

"I think we're just starting to pull the common thread. When you don't have an artist who prioritizes the American people, if there's something else, the needs of an individual's family or the needs of an initial business or a colleague who does something like that, offering, it makes for a huge national security risk."

"We need some leaders at every level of the country who are focused exclusively on representing some of the people they have determined to serve," he continued.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping Sunday said military development could be sooner announced there was no shift in the country's regulations when speaking as the Communist Party opened its conference and the moment before Xi was predicted to carry it out for a 3rd 5-year term .

Pompeo explained that China has been moving to become the world's special superpower for the past few decades and if its Communist Party has been "at an economic war" with the United States for "that time."

"The United States just now gave another cheek," Pompeo said.

"These are Republicans and Democrats. We are the first government to take them seriously."

China's economic progress, he added, "is all supported by the American people."

"One of their steps could be to grow by cheating and allowing the Chinese Communist Party to compete on conditions that are essentially unfair to American companies," Pompeo said.

"We need a leader who is ready to face this to fight it. As we do, we're going to be successful, I believe in that."

In that regard, Pompeo explained that a letter China sent to the Hudson Institute, which he was a rule-maker, was addressed to all American leaders to remind them of resisting communist rule.

"At its core it's recorded 'Mike Pompeo, shut up'," Pompeo said. "What we're working on, actually, in the first few days is talking about how the Chinese Communist Party is corrupt and not really a representative of the Chinese people.

You can witness that with the protests that happened today."

Pompeo explained he had been given threats by the Chinese party and that "made some things difficult for some of the people around me as well.

They are willful, they are serious, and our response should be the same in every treatment, Mary."

Pompeo spoke Sunday about protests for women's rights in Iran, and called some demonstrators "brave."

"They've been strong," he said. "They're highlighting what the government has been doing to them all year and more and more capabilities to them. I wish them success.

But that willpower is not enough when you have an American government that is essentially partial to the government.

There is no argument whatsoever, China will acquire Taiwan so the side of China.

Chinese President Xi Jinping explained that China would solve the Taiwan problem. If necessary, it will deploy the military to regain control of Taiwan

"We will continue to strive for peaceful reunification with the utmost sincerity and effort, but have never had a commitment to abandon the use of capabilities, and there is a choice to take all the treatment needed," Xi told a Communist Party delegation at Beijing's People's Hall.

Yes, in a report mentioned by President Xi Jinping on Sunday (10/16/2022) vowed, China "has never had a commitment to underestimate the use of capabilities" when it is caught up in the Taiwan issue.

Xi Jinping's oath was uttered in a speech identifying the beginning of the Communist Party Conference in Beijing.

"Solving the Taiwan problem is the problem of the Chinese people themselves, and must be resolved by the Chinese people themselves," Xi said, taking part of the AFP information office.

China sees Taiwan, which has its own government and is democratic as the side of its territory, to be reclaimed one day later by military interference if necessary.

"The historical wheel of national reunification and national rejuvenation is rolling ahead," Xi Jinping more. "The reunification of the motherland must be achieved and will be realized."

Finally the Chinese Civil War and the History of the Founding of Taiwan

Furthermore, Xi Jinping denounced separatism and was involved in the issue.

He also praised Hong Kong's transition from unrest to government entry, following the implementation of a national security law in 2020 that had banned protests in the once blatant city.

"The situation in Hong Kong has achieved a major shift from unrest to the government," Xi Jinping said.

President Xi Jinping has several steps back to a monumental 3rd term at the helm of China, on October 23, 2022.

The prediction was on Saturday (10/15/2022) after the jubir conference verified that the 20th Conference of the Chinese Communist Party would end on October 22.

About 2,300 of the party's delegates from each province will join the Great Hall of the People in Beijing starting Sunday (10/16/2022) for the majority-closed conclave, to decide on the country's next leadership formation.

The five-yearly event will begin at 10:00 a.m. on-site time with an opening ceremony, then Xi is scheduled to deliver a long speech looking at the previous era and the roadmap for the next 5 years.

If all roads are the same as the idea, after a week of face-to-face meetings, Xi Jinping (69) will be re-appointed as the party's general secretary, strengthening his place as China's strongest leader since Mao Zedong.

In the conclave, 2,296 participants will elect members of the Central Committee with about 200 members, which in turn chooses the 25-member Politburo and the Still Standing Committee the most powerful, which is China's highest leadership body.

One day after the Conference closes, the new Standing Committee--currently divided into 7 people counting Xi as Secretary-General--must be made public, if this year follows a pact similar to the original Conference.

Conference Spokesman Sun Yeli verified the October 22 closing date and explained to reporters, "Preparations for the current Conference are completely over," taken from the AFP information office.

Throughout the two-hour journalists' meeting Sun explained, the distribution of women's delegations increased to 27%, from 24% at the initial Conference in 2017.

Chinese and international State Media asked some questions, but there were no questions about Xi Jinping.

China held the opening ceremony of the Conference on Sunday (10/16/2022) under strict zero-Covid regulations, limiting implementers and journalists in a coronavirus-safe bubble from two days ago.

Some participants are ordered to take the Covid-19 test every day to visit events, some of which are held from afar via video, not meeting face to face.

In a western Beijing hotel, the executive built a journalists' center laden with xi jinping's laudatory exhibitions, decorated with red and gold colors characteristic of the Communist Party.

A heap of several books on Xi Jinping's philosophy and China's changes spread around the venue, while a display of "digital humans" was done by ai telling jokes and singing songs based on desire.

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