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Chechen Leader Calls for General's Dismissal, Result of Russia's defeat in Ukraine

Banaspati -- From what Moscow had previously expected as a lightning strike, it turned into a series of ground and air strikes.

The majority of the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine are under Russian control.

Ukraine loses important Black Sea docks for the export of some so-called grain the lifeblood of its economy.

In that time Russia endured the suffering of the rain of threats from the West, but only a little who predicted President Vladimir Putin would end the onslaught that was getting slower certain, what else gives the area that has been occupied?

While This is Taken from the AFP information office, here are predictions of the course of the next Russian-Ukrainian war.

1. How long did the war last?

Ukrainians are convinced if they exist in an existential struggle to preserve their nationality that Putin is seen as a historical error.

"Under such conditions, no one can win," said Konstantin Kalachev, Moscow-based political researcher.

"This special military operation' can run all year round." "The Russians hope to achieve victory by weakening them... Time is impartial to Ukraine, and the economy could be crumbling," he told AFP.

Marie Dumoulin, director at the European Council for Foreign Affairs, said that strong support from Western allies would be making it difficult for the 2 factions to retreat at this time.

"Each faction thinks they can get military gains, so it's impossible that this will be as soon as it's over," according to him.

Putin cited the Russian-Ukrainian war as a side of resistance to NATO that developed ones until land for him is unacceptable.

On the other hand, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is likely looking for more tactical success, such as the sinking of the Missile Tracking Ship Moskva in April, or trying a retaliatory strike to recapture many areas.

"It allowed him to re-motivate the troops and citizens of Ukraine and correct his plea for more contributions from European partners," Dumoulin said.

2. How long can Ukraine last?

Military hardware and intelligence data from Europe and the US allowed Ukrainian forces to slow down--not stop--Russia at Donbas and as far as the Black Sea coast.

But, it allowed Russia to consolidate its place after creating its military forces on the Crimea peninsula in the final eight years since its annexation by Moscow.

During this time, the demand for Zelensky for more powerful and powerful weapons has not yet paid off.

"The Ukrainian people are chiming in and providing government support so far, but stability it also depends on the idea if the West helps Ukraine in this war," explained Dimitri Minic, a researcher at the French Institute of International Interweaving in Paris.

The presence of cold weather will test Ukraine's willingness if they face fuel shortages, power outages or heating, and other hardships, especially when more people are being eliminated from their homes because of a fight.

Dumoulin said 40% of schools in Ukraine remain closed as classes resume in September, which can lead to the emergence of psychic victims.

Dumoulin said 40% of schools in Ukraine remain closed as classes resume in September, which can lead to the appearance of psychic victims.

"A lot of it is about to depend on their ability to stay afloat in the winter, especially for those behind the front lines... It's going to be tough," Dumoulin added.

3. On the contrary, Russia's military capabilities are naturally mundane

While, the Russian military is now naturally mundane on the battlefield, Ukraine.

President Vladimir Putin also appointed a general figure for the war leadership. The general who was resigned to improving Russia's military performance in the Ukrainian war was the head of the air force General Sergey Surovikin.

Citing Al Jazeera, Sunday (9/10/2022), General Sergey Surovikin was selected as "commander of the Combination Force in the special military operations section ".

The election information was said by the Russian defense ministry on Saturday,(8/10/2022).

The switch followed a stop delivered earlier this week to commanders of two of the 5 Russian military areas, as its forces experienced a tense slump in the northeast and south of Ukraine in some of the last week.

Then, what is the brief profile of Surovikin?

According to the website of the ministry of defense, Surovikin was born in the Novosibirsk region of Siberia and already leads the Force Russian Air and Space since 2017.

Surovikin has combat experience in the disputes of the 1990s in Tajikistan and Chechnya and, more recently, in Syria, where Moscow intervened in 2015 on the part of Bashar al-Assad's government. He was charged with monitoring violent bombings that damaged the majority of Aleppo city.

A report by the Russian Ministry of Defense in July said that until now Surovikin led the troops " South" in Ukraine. <b name1423> were never officially expressed, but some Russian media explained the position was originally grasped by General Alexander Dvornikov.

Dvornikov was a general in the 2nd Chechen war and a Russian commander in Syria.

According to Alexandre Vautravers of the Swiss Military Review, initially, Russian aggression into Ukraine did not exist under the instructions of the terpad.

This is because there are five other ranks of soldiers, each of which leads autonomous operations. That would be different under surovikin's war leadership, he said.

"The argument for why it is impossible to have integrated instructions of all the Russian troops is the distance and the lack of info technology to make one all means and powers of instruction and control," Vautravers said to Al Jazeera.

4. Now there is a shrinkage of Russian military operations in Ukraine.

"What we are witnessing right now is that a person and one base will plan and direct the operation. But it is as a signal if from this moment the operation will focus on one particular place. Likelihood Luhansk, possibly Donetsk, likely in the south. What we are witnessing is a reduction in Russian operations," said Alexandre Vautravers.

The decision to give Surovikin unusual war instructions was made public by Moscow, there was after a series of absolute defeats suffered by the Russian army in Ukraine.

Russian troops were kicked out of the majority of the northeastern areas of Kharkiv in early September by a Ukrainian retaliatory onslaught that allowed Kyiv to take back several thousand km of areas. Russian troops lost areas in the southern Kherson area and the Lyman transport hub in eastern Ukraine.

The slump resulted in increased criticism of the leading military, counted from the Russian elite.

5. Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov calls for the dismissal of general

Initially, Chechen Leader Ramzan Kadyrov said the dismissal of a high-ranking general last week.

While a senior lawmaker, Andrei Kartapolov, pressured some military bigwigs to stop "lying" about the situation on the battlefield.

Moscow continued to endure the suffering of war period losses. On the day Saturday, a Kremlin-backed top brass in Ukraine's Kherson area announced the rescue of several civil societies from the southern provinces, one of 4 illegally annexed by Moscow last week.

Kirill Stremousov explained to the Russian state-regulated RIA Novosti agency that young children and their parents, and parents, could be moved to two areas of southern Russia because Kherson was "getting ready for a difficult period".

On Friday, Moscow explained its forces were seizing land in the eastern Donetsk area - the first claim of new gains since Kyiv's successful retaliations rocked Moscow's military campaign.

Donetsk, some of which are controlled by the kremlin-backed separatists throughout the year, is a special gift to Russian troops, who sent troops to Ukraine on February 24.

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