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Benefits of Papaya Leaves for Body Health

Banaspati -- For some people, the consumption of papaya leaves is likely not to be delicious because of their bitter taste. Not only the fruit has a delicious taste and is rich in nutrients, but papaya leaves also have many benefits for health. So it is not confusing if this papaya leaf is used for traditional healing to deal with various types of diseases.

This papaya leaf also contains unique plant compounds that have shown extensive pharmacological strength As summarized by Halodoc, here are four benefits of papaya leaves for body health that are important for you to recognize.

1. Dealing with the Signs of Dengue Fever

The most popular benefits of papaya leaves as a remedy for signs of dengue fever. Problem with dengue fever is a viral infectious disease that is spread through mosquitoes.

Furthermore, dengue fever can also cause signs such as flu, fever, fatigue, headache, nausea, vomiting, and skin rashes. Although there is no specific medicine for curing dengue fever, it can be handled by using papaya leaves.

2. Regulates Blood Sugar Content

Papaya leaves can also be used as a natural but in curing diabetes and can also regulate blood sugar. The problem is that this papaya leaf can protect some insulin-producing cells in the pancreas from damage and death.

However, further research related to papaya leaves to take care of high blood sugar content in humans still needs to be continued.

3. Can Maintain Healthy Skin

Another benefit of papaya leaves is that they can be eaten as food or applied to the skin so that they remain smooth, clean, and look young for a long time.

In this papaya leaf, there is a protein solvent enzyme mentioned with papain and can be used as an exfoliant aka carrying dead skin cells. Furthermore, leaves that have a dark green color can also reduce clogged pores, hair growth, and acne.

4. Great for Digestive Health

Papaya leaf concentrate can also be used as an alternative therapy to facilitate signs of digestive problems such as flatulence. The problem is that papaya leaves have fiber content and unique compounds mentioned with papain. Papain has been recognized for being able to damage large proteins into proteins and amino acids that are smaller or easier to process. Therefore, papaya leaves can be used as a meat softener in a variety of culinary foods.

5. Dealing with Malaria

No detailed research has been done, but papaya leaves can help deal with malaria. Malaria is a parasitic infectious disease of plasmodium that is spread through mosquitoes. On papaya leaves found compounds that have plasmodiastatic properties. This compound is claimed to be able to control infections that occur in the body.

6. Cures Dengue Fever

One of the benefits of papaya leaves which are quite famous is to cure dengue fever. Dengue fever is a disease caused by a viral infection spread by the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Dengue fever is followed by flu-like signs, such as fever, fatigue, headache, nausea, vomiting, and skin rashes.

In chronic cases, this dangerous disease can also result in a reduction in platelet content in the blood. Low platelet content can play a role in increasing the risk of bleeding and has a fatal potential if not immediately overcome.

Three human studies involving some dengue patients found that papaya leaf concentrate could significantly increase blood platelet content. The good news is again, papaya leaves have little effect and are certainly more economical than conservative cures.

7. Maintain a Healthy Digestive Mechanism

Papaya leaves contain fiber and enzymes called papain. According to research, the 2nd has an important role in maintaining the health of the digestive mechanism.

Papain is popular because of its power to damage large proteins into proteins and amino acids that are smaller and easier to process. A study revealed that the additional use of papain powder that takes the source of papaya fruit or leaves can reduce the signs of irritable bowel syndrome, including constipation and heartburn. Not only that, papaya leaf concentrate is often used as an alternative therapy to reduce some symptoms such as flatulence, heartburn, and frequent farts.

However, the benefits of papaya leaves still need further research. The problem is that some of the research that has been launched is limited.

8. Dealing with Drool during Menstruation 

Do you often experience drooling or cramps in the abdomen during menstruation? If yes, because it is one of the natural steps to deal with this with the consumption of papaya leaves. Papaya leaves work very well to make blood vessels smooth during menstruation so that the feeling of pain can be minimized.

How to consume papaya leaves to eliminate drooling during menstruation? You can process these leaves as a vegetable. Or, make the leaves a juice drink. The trick, take one piece of papaya leaf, a pinch of salt, and tamarind, next mix all in one glass of water and cook until boiling.

9. Help Control Blood Sugar 

The benefits of papaya leaves that are also very important are to help control blood sugar (glucose) in the body, especially in patients with type 2 diabetes. This plant has long been a traditional healing medium by Mexicans.

A study with a mouse object revealed that papaya leaf concentrate has a strong anti-oxidant and blood sugar-lowering impact. However, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that similar or similar impacts can occur in humans. More research is needed to determine what papaya leaves can indeed help manage the high blood sugar content in humans.

10. Keep your Liver Healthy

Maintaining liver health (liver) so the benefits of papaya leaves are the next important thing you recognize. These leaves will clean your blood by lowering the cholesterol content. The normal cholesterol content has a positive effect, namely the shrinking of lipid peroxidation. This keeps the liver protected from all types of diseases due to free radicals, such as cirrhosis and jaundice.

11. Dealing with Skin Problems

Papaya leaves bring benefits to the skin. The consumption of this leaf can be seen to keep the skin smooth, and clean, and looks young for a long time.

The protein solvent enzyme in papaya leaves called papain can act as an exfoliator to carry dead skin cells and has the potential to reduce the occurrence of clogged pores, hair that grows up, and acne.

In addition, the enzyme can already be proven to be able to speed up the treatment of injuries. A study found that papain minimizes the onset of scarring in rabbits.

12. Excites Hair Development

Want your hair to grow properly and healthily? Drinking papaya leaf juice or applying the leaf to the hair regularly can be one option.

Papaya leaves contain anti-oxidant substances such as flavonoids and vitamin E. Several studies have shown that high levels of oxidative depression in the body can cause hair loss, and the consumption of foods rich in anti-oxidants can help facilitate oxidative depression and increase hair development.

13. Resists Cancer

Papaya leaves can act as a traditional healing therapy medium to resist and cure several types of cancer. Papaya leaf concentrate is based on research with strong potential to block the development of prostate and breast cancer cells.

However, again, the claim of the benefits of papaya leaves is not yet strong. It requires further research to show that.

14. Dealing with Infections 

Various processed papaya leaves are often a medium to treat various types of internal and external infection conditions, including skin rashes, muscle pain, and joint drooling.

Papaya leaves contain a variety of nutrients and compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties, such as papain, flavonoids, and vitamin E. One study found that papaya leaf concentrate significantly reduced infection and swelling in the legs of rats who suffered from inflammation of the joints. However, no human research has verified similar results

15. Overcoming Heartburn

Another benefit of papaya leaves is overcoming the symptoms of heartburn or what we commonly know as heartburn. You can consume these leaves with juice when the symptoms of heartburn suddenly appear. However, this is also not certain because there is still little scientific evidence to support it. More research needs to be done to be sure.

16. Improves Blood Circulation

Poor blood circulation can lead to clinical conditions that can harm the body. The problem is that blood works to deliver oxygen to all bodies.

Well, one of the natural steps that you can do to keep blood circulation smooth with the consumption of papaya leaves. Although the scientific evidence that provides this support is still small, it does not hurt you to try.

17. Maintaining the Role of the Kidneys

 The latest benefits of papaya leaves are to maintain the health and role of the kidney organs. The content of substances in the leaves has an anti-inflammatory character that can protect the kidneys from damage due to infection.

Such is info about the benefits of papaya leaves for health. For the record, this benefit claim is still only an opportunity because there is still minimal scientific evidence that provides support. You can ask this next to the nutrition specialist.

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