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All Nakia Creek fire evacuations have been cancelled in Clark County due to poor visibility

Top management officials in Washington explained all the rescue zones around the Nakia Creek Fire in Clark County had been withdrawn.

Nearly 100 households are at the Level 3 "Go Now" rescue, and more than 1,400 people are in the Tier 2 "Be Set" rescue order. A Level 3 rescue order was issued on Sunday amid a state of risky fire.

The jungle fires, which existed on more than 1,900 hectares, are now 23% resolved.

Crew faces the driest conditions and explained they are looking forward to Friday's rain predictions. But the rains could create some problems, according to Oregon forestry officials who oversee the weather conditions for the fire that burned south of the Nakia Creek Fire.

"It's really Catch-22 for us," said Natalie Webster of the Oregon Department of Forestry. "While it really helped shut down the fire, it put some circumstances at risk when it came to the force of the landslide."

Investigators for the Nakia Creek Fire are now looking for an "alluring vehicle" and 4 people they believe started the fire by lighting fireworks.

All Nakia Creek fire rescues have been undone in Clark County as visibility increases and detentions grow, fire department managers said Thursday.

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About 40,000 homes near Camas were already in the rescue zone as of Sunday. However, some roads remained closed to allow firefighting gear to move.

The fire is currently nearly a quarter resolved, said Timothy Evans, a spokesman for the Oregon Genesis Management Team mobilized to provide support for firefighting efforts. Investigators suspect fireworks or incendiary bullets from rifles may have spurred the Oct. 9 blaze.

The fire — which was incandescent on originally harvested slopes, young wood stands and small pockets of adult wood — grew only slightly to 1,918 acres, an increase of 49 acres since Wednesday morning, Evans said.

It still remains the main focus of the no. 1 fire department in the country. No array vanished. More than 500 personnel were assigned to put out the fire, Evans said, counting firefighters and their team of sympathizers. Managers plan to always use helicopters and water scoopers to put off the fire.

Firefighting efforts are likely getting a boost as westerly winds are predicted to bring the front cold Thursday afternoon and 1/2 inch to an inch of rain Friday.

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But Evans explained that likely doesn't mean the fire season is over.

"It depends on how much rain we get," he said.

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