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6 Ways to Grow Garlic for Beginners, Many Benefits!


Growing your own garlic in the house has many benefits! Yok, read the steps to grow garlic for those just starting out below!

In addition to onions, garlic being one of the spices must be in several dishes. Its unique fragrance adds flavor to a variety of dishes.

There comes a time when, such a primary purpose ingredient as natural garlic increases in price in the market. Nach, if you want to outsmart this, you can grow your own garlic at home!

Steps to Plant Garlic

Source: Chicago Tribune

Gardening is likely difficult for those who have never done. However, this step of planting onions is really easy and just right for those who are just starting out. Yok, read how to grow garlic for those just starting out!

1. Determine the Garlic Seeds

The first thing you need to do to grow garlic is to choose the type of garlic you want to instill. There are two types of garlic that you can equate with the situation around you.

If the air around you is hot, then you can use a soft neck type. However, if your surroundings are cold, then you can use hardneck type garlic.

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2. Prepare the Pot

source: The Spruce

To grow garlic, you don't need a large space and you can even grow garlic in a pot.

Determine a pot with a minimum depth of 20 cm. If you want to plant one tuber, you just need to choose a small pot. However, you need to choose a large pot when planning to plant several bulbs.

3. Prepare the Planting Media

Source: Pexels

You need to prepare the composted soil and sand. Mix all 2 places for planting it with a difference in soil and sand 3:1.

Then, fill the pot with a combination of planting places. Make sure you have a room 2.5 cm deep from the lip of the pot.

4. Onion Planting

Source: Youtube

When you are going to plant, make sure you have separated each clove of garlic bulbs. You can plant onions by pressing the garlic bulbs on the planting place.

Plant the onion with a flat side of garlic underground and a pointed side of garlic pointing upwards. You need to insert a third of the sides of the garlic bulbs on the ground or 2.5 cm above the ground.

Next place the pot in a location that has sufficient sunlight.

5. Onion Plant Care

Source:Green Home DIY

Make sure the soil in the pot still remains moist by watering it. But, make sure you don't give it water mostly.

As for the amount of watering depends on the situation of the circumstances in which you planted. If you are in a hot area, it means that garlic plants must be watered frequently.

So many days later, you will witness garlic bulbs that develop and produce green buds. As the leaves get longer, you can start cutting them so that the development of garlic is more centered on the bulbs.

You can also consume this leaf and become a cooking spice, you know!

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6. Harvest Period

Source: Pixabay

The planting period of garlic is generally present at 90 - 120 days. The hotter the environment in which garlic is grown, it means that the harvest period will run faster.

Garlic will be ready to be harvested when the middle side of the leaves has turned yellow brownish.

When you are going to take the garlic yield, you can wait when the soil starts to dry. Gradually, you begin to be able to loosen the soil surface and make room for garlic so that it can be glued.

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Benefits of Garlic

Besides being able to relax food, garlic is also useful for health. The anti-oxidant content in it can prevent free radicals that can increase the risk of Alzheimer's and dementia.

In addition, garlic can improve heart health by lowering cholesterol and hypertension.

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