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5 Processed Creations Made from Brown Rice, Full and Delicious!

Rice as a basic ingredient that is of course commonly eaten by almost everyone. There are various types of rice that can be eaten and one of them is brown rice. This type of rice is the same as the type of healthy rice that is most suitable for dieting. So, what is more or less the creativity of processing with brown rice ingredients? Yok look!

1. Roasted pumpkin and red rice salad

Brown rice has been recognized for a long time as one of the types of healthy rice, it is not strange if it is suitable for dieting. One of the best ideas to enjoy it is by processing brown rice so the salad menu is delicious. Not only that, this menu can also add grilled pumpkin with a characteristic sweet taste.

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2. Fried red rice

You must have tasted processed fried rice? You can create that menu by using brown rice ingredients, you know. Not only the flavors that want to really upload the desire, but some other additional ingredients such as shrimp and chili sauce that want to be more curious.

3. Spiced red rice and lamb

Another brown rice menu that can be processed creativity for you is this dish. This preparation is loaded with the impression of the most unique and tasteful spices. Not to mention the vegetable and meat cuts that add to this menu looking delicious.

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4. Chai red rice pudding

Rice pudding is indeed quite famous as one of the famous dessert menu options. However, to have a more optimal sensation, the ingredients in this rice pudding can be exchanged for brown rice. Besides it will give a more beautiful color, of course it feels more attractive. You can add raisins as a topping.

5. Sushi

Sushi as one of the processed types of Japanese characteristics that are famous for using rice as one of them is made from. You can exchange the rice used for brown rice. In addition, also combine it with lettuce and avocado in it. The colored appearance will be more chic.

Those are some processed creativity with brown rice ingredients that you must try once, really delicious!

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