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45 Mega Mendung Batik Motifs From Cirebon Indonesia

Banaspati --Batik is one of the legendary fabrics of world heritage that has been recognized internationally.

As the largest producer of batik fabrics in the world, Indonesians should be proud.

Not only is it shown by taste, but also attitude.

How? One of them is by wearing batik clothes in various activities.

For example, work, school, roads and others.

What is the most interesting thing about batik? The colors and motifs, each region even has its own characteristics.

The most popular examples are mega batik motifs overcast, striated, kawung, solo, pekalongan, and others.

These various patterns and motifs when combined and made into clothes in a modern style will look very ethnic and beautiful.

Motif Batik Mega Mendung

1. Pattern Combination

Mega Mendung is a typical batik that comes from one of the cities in West Java, namely Cirebon.

Some of the 'cloudy' colors in batik signify their respective philosophies and meanings, combining color gradations between red, blue, and gemoteric patterns on the outer side.

The blue color is the original basic color of Mega Mendung which is interpreted as a leader must be able to be a fan for many people, especially the community.

While the cloud motif in this batik, its characteristic is a sphere, which means it is influenced by a variety of decorations from China.

2. Three-Color Cloudy Mega Motif

Actually, the original Mega Mendung batik motif only contains two basic colors, namely blue and red which are full of deep meaning.

But now to meet market demand, the color gradation can be adjusted according to specific tastes or orders.

Well, if you look at the picture above, the colors red and blue are a unity of philosophy which is interpreted as a state of calm and the existence of the sky is very broad in its reach.

While white signifies a coolness that brings shade to many.

3. Red Cloudy Mega Motif

Mega Mendung merah has a special feature, namely the pattern is oval with a characteristic taper.

The singular red color implies that the rain will soon fall and is ready to drench the surface of the earth when the mood is upset, upset, and anxious.

This pattern is considered one of the popular Mega Mendung batik because it was promoted by several artists.

Call it like a comedian and Tarzan who plays Mr. RT in the sitcom "Neighbors of the Future" is seen wearing it several times.

In addition, red also symbolizes masculinity so it is not wrong if most men wear this type of batik.

4. Three Gradations

Three-gradation colors like this are usually in accordance with the wishes of consumers or those who are busy in the market.

Although it does not eliminate the main impression of the Mega Mendung color, the addition of yellow is a complement, which is interpreted as a ray of livelihood.

Mega Mendung batik writing with the addition of a lizard pattern like this is usually often used as a cloth or beach shawl.

5. Mega Dark Cloudy

The dark color here shows two gradations, namely brown and black.

Both are the result of modifications to the development of mega cloudy batik products.

If we analyze together, the brown color is a symbol of the land or bumu that gives the impression of being comfortable, warm, and in the history of Mega Mendung batik itself there are several psychological sides.

Well, from this psychological side, mega cloudy batik is expected to calm the souls who are hit by gulana.

6. Purple Cloudy Mega Motif

The pattern of depiction of Mega Mendung batik here is pointed from large to small.

While the gradations used are purple and black as the basic colors or backrounds.

Still from the side of psychology, the color purple contains an impressive meaning and philosophy.

According to some opinions of society, purple here is closely related to the highest strength and thinking power by a person.

In short, there is hope for whoever wears it, then he will grow into a confident and strong person.

7. Mega Cloudy Blue Faded And Old

Mega overcast light and dark blue symbolizes a dynamic feeling.

That the condition of a human being will certainly change over time.

Here the origin of Mega Mendung batik is quite striking because the pattern is rolled face to face and rounded, so it is concluded that the influence of Chinese relics is so deeply rooted.

8. Modern Mega Mendung Motif

The modern mega cloudy motif is the result of a mixture of past and present history.

It can be seen how there is a relationship between one cloudy and another.

9. Ancient Mega Mendung Motif

Well, this is the original appearance of the ancient Mega Mendung according to the definition of the color used.

Although it is currently designed more attractively with lighter colors, it does not reduce the essence of conveying the existing philosophy.

10. Mega Cloudy Green And Light Blue Motif

The philosophy of the color green symbolizes nature, while light blue is peace of mind.

This Mega Mendung motif implies that the balance of nature will be able to make the mind of all around them feel peace.

Conversely, if the balance of nature is broken, then the clarity of thinking is disturbed.

The green color is also one of the masterpieces of the range of other colors such as red, brown, purple, and others.

11. Pink And Magenta Combination Pattern

filosofi motif batik mega mendung

The colors pink and magenta actually get a considerable influence from Chinese Feng Shui imu.

Pink or pink itself is created because of the fusion of two colors, each of which symbolizes elements, namely fire (red) and water (white).

The gradation that produces this warm color is expected that the owner of the batik always acts sincerely, as it is, and open.

12. Blue Unity Cloudy Mega Motif

motif batik mega mendung dan filosofinya

The light and dark blue seems to be gathered together in this shade.

As we know that dark blue can be interpreted as a stimulus to a person's mindset, while light blue is able to increase the level of human concentration points.

However, in terms of color in this batik, blue itself has been recognized as a shading sky color.

Brown is the ground, green is nature, and blue is the sky.

13. Dynamic Mega Cloudy Motif

ciri motif batik mega mendung

We can see that the mega cloudy motif here is also the result of the development of stamping and printing techniques.

Which, most of it is influenced by the market share of the batik tulis world.

Yes as in this picture!

14. Mega Cloudy Motif Combination of 3 Gradations

motif batik mega mendung dari cirebon

The butterfly in the history of Batik is known as a symbol of science, toughness, and strength, as well as optimism.

While here the Mega Cloudy shown is dark brown, so that when inferred it means;

"To be a strong and tough figure, it must not be arbitrary, but must be down-to-earth"

15. Green Cloudy Mega Motif

motif batik mega mendung biru

Even though we already know the origin of the region and even the philosophical meaning of the green cloudy mega motif, it does not mean that it does not preserve it.

For example, making it an attractive printing design as shown above.

Mega Mendung Batik Clothes Model

Below are examples of the results of combining batik clothes that can be used for your daily activities.

1. Mixed Leaf Motifs

gambar lukisan batik mega mendung

This motif symbolizes a complete and prosperous human life.

This regular and rich pattern shape with curved lines is very suitable to be used as any type of clothing, and it fits both men and women.

It is not surprising that there are so many couple batiks that use this motif.

2. Shanghai

logo batik mega mendung

This blouse product is the result of acculturation of Indonesian and Chinese culture.

The color is light and gives a brighter impression to the wearer.

This product can be used as an office uniform.

Not only for women, but there are also mega cloudy shirts for men.

3. Machete

contoh lukisan batik mega mendung

This batik model is much loved because it is suitable for going to work.

Moreover, the color is neutral and does not leave an old impression for its users.

There is also a sarimbit suit that can make you and your partner look even more harmonious.

4. Atika

batik mega mendung jogja

It is a dress that has a light color and is very paa for you young women.

This garment is originally produced from Trusmi Village, using primisine cotton fabric that is not hot on the skin.

The motif is very interesting because it combines traditional shades and daisy flowers.

5. Tribal Shirt

lambang batik mega mendung

Are you a man of wise character? This hem tomb will be suitable for presenting your nature.

There is also a female blouse with the same pattern, so it can be used as a couple's clothing.

The colors are so bright, neutral, and classic, suitable for attending formal occasions and ceremonies.

6. Hem Peacock

batik mega mendung meaning

This shirt made of cotton fabric is made in Trusmi Village, Cirebon.

Worn very comfortable and not hot.

The motive is very Indonesian.

The color is so light and fits perfectly combined with pants of navy or black colored material.

7. Machete Combination

gambar batik mega mendung hd

For those of you men who like classic old colors, this batik can be one of the recommended ones.

Combined with a firm lyrical motif, it is suitable for attending formal events as well as to be worn as a work uniform.

8. Hem Flower

frame batik mega mendung

Even though it has floral shades, you will still look masculine because of the right combination of motifs and bold colors.

For casual as well as formal occasions, of course, it will be suitable.

With this shirt your chest will also look more planey due to the horizontal accents of its front.

9. Bright Shirt

batik mega mendung melambangkan

The bright colors on these clothes are stunning.

Describes the spirit and work ethic of its use.

This batik product is originally made in Cirebon, of course, the quality of batik and the fabric is guaranteed.

You can wear this batik for formal or informal occasions.

10. Batwing

batik mega mendung filosofi

Its soft and unique color gives the impression of friendliness and kindness.

This batik can be used for Muslimah style.

It remains only to add cuffs for the inner layer.

You can combine it with the same hijab color for the best results.

11. Modern Kaftan

nilai estetika batik mega mendung

You can use this mega cloudy batik motif cloth on Hari Raya.

Designed with soft and elegant pastel colors to make you look more charming and clean.

The material is cool, falling, smooth, and comfortable to wear all day long.

12. Mix Pattern

batik mega mendung fungsi

Batik with a floral pattern is indeed impressive, because it certainly makes you look more beautiful.

With a combination of modernity and brightness, you can wear this top to go for a walk and for informal events.

13. V Cut Shanghai Collar

batik mega mendung mudah digambar

It looks so simple and very comfortable to wear.

The red color on this shirt will radiate courage as well as your feminine side.

You can combine it with matching colored pants or neutral ones such as black and white.

14. Batik Cap Dual Tone

gambar batik mega mendung sederhana

This sackdress has a fresh light green color.

It will look to match your energetic and feisty young soul.

Combine it with the accessories of round earrings to get a more elegant appearance.

The colors of the front and back sides are made to contrast, making it suitable for those of you who have a unique character.

15. Cut Out Blue Mix Print Detail

batik mega mendung vector free download

Designed with the most modern model possible, this blouse can show your smooth and beautiful upper arm.

The shades are multicolored which gives a cheerful impression.

If you do not like mainstream clothing, then this model should be one of your collections.

16. Strip Line

gambar batik mega mendung cirebon

The mega batik motif cloudy red clouds and matching horizontal lines are able to make your appearance even more brilliant.

The sleeves are created 3/4 to be flexible when you wear them while working.

Use black cloth pants to accentuate the on point ruster on yourself.

On the back there is a zipper and is varied with a round neckline.

17. Hokokay Batik Tulis

gambar batik mega mendung yang mudah digambar

Is a top in the form of a black tosca blouse that is so elegant with a ribbon on its lower left side.

The material is regular cotton which is designed with a V neckline shape, buttons on the front, and a self tie belt.

18. Mega Cloudy Lavender

batik mega mendung gambar

This short sleeves top with a chic round neckline is definitely easy to make anyone fall in love.

Not only for walking, you can also use it for college.

The material is quality cotton that is very comfortable to wear.

19. Simple Hijab

batik mega mendung instagram

Muslim women, this batik collection is a must-have for you to have.

The motifs are full, the design is long and the colors are so soft that it can make you seem more dynamic and religious.

Use a soft color hijab to make your appearance even better.

20. Blouse Muslim Chic

informasi batik mega mendung

Desainnya sangat sederhana, log sleeves, sangat chic dan menarik.

The material is piskin.

To get a contemporary look, you just combine it with a black hijab and dark cloth pants.

Your clothes will look more prominent and bold.

21. Blouse Ethnic

jual kain batik mega mendung

These long sleeves blouse seem suitable for wearing in all settings.

Its bright color will further make your skin look cleaner.

Designed in such a way with pointed pollar and also front buttons.

22. Green Zipper

jenis batik mega mendung

Want to look simple and modern? This is the answer.

Mega batik cloudy green zipper.

Made with cool cotton material, using Nehru collar and self tie belt.

You can pair it with a skirt bottom or black cloth pants.

To make it look more relaxed, with kulot is okay.

23. Midi Dress

jual batik mega mendung jogja

The elegant look of midi dress will surely amaze anyone who sees it.

Batik that has a diagonal striation will indeed make you look feminine.

Suitable for use when relaxing or going to a party.

Combine it with some accessories for a dazzling display.

24. Simple Big Size Motif

isen batik mega mendung

Men who have a large body size, this batik is highly recommended.

Its vertical mega cloudy motif combined with its neutral colors will reveal your characterism.

25. Batik Chocolate Navy Flowers

batik mega mendung kombinasi

Flower-patterned and has an old color, who is afraid? You will still look dashing and charming.

Pair it with pants of the same color.

It can be used to attend weddings or other official events.

26. Batik Write Green Line Toska

jual batik mega mendung di jakarta

You are a man who has a firm character and high authority, wear this type of batik to work.

The color of the toska gives a touch of vigor and symbolizes hope.

You will be even more respected with this outfit.

27. Mejiku

batik mega mendung warna kuning

Who says men don't deserve to wear colorful batik? The right combination of colors in this vertical cloudy mega batik design will make you more dashing, but still look gentle.

You can even attract women's hearts with this look.

28. Vertical Line Alloy Batik

batik mega mendung khas

Do you like the combination of two contrasting motifs? This batik will be your favorite.

This collared batik shirt is indeed suitable for working in offices, meetings, and other formal events.

You can combine it with white pants to make it look fresher.

29. Orange Batik Crowded

batik mega mendung kuning

You can get a stunning and dashing appearance by combining this crowded orange batik with gray pants.

The round neck on the top makes you look even cooler.

30. Batik Motif Naga Mix

batik mega mendung khas

The dragon is the philosophy of a powerful and wise leader.

You can look more thoughtful with this batik.

Coupled with the blue color, which adds to the impression of caring for what you are.

That's a row of batik clothing models from mega cloudy motifs that deserve to be worn for all occasions.

Clothes do present who wears them.

For that, choose the most suitable for your character traits and appearance.

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