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16 Benefits of Eating Raw Garlic for Body Health

 Do you like garlic consumption? Colleagues Of course are no strangers to this kitchen spice because most of the seasonings in dishes use garlic.

It is not a secret that garlic has many benefits for the human body, one of which is by being eaten raw. The benefits of eating raw garlic dermatologically can be proven to prevent disease disorders starting from flu cough, inflammation.

Even serious diseases, such as cholesterol, cancer, and others. Such causes some people who exclusively consume garlic as a medicine or antidote to certain disease problems. Garlic consumption is indeed a natural alternative that can be implemented to resist some diseases.

Actually, what is the content of garlic until it is good to eat by the body? The following is a description of the nutritional value and benefits of eating raw garlic for body health that is important for you to recognize:

Nutritional Content of Garlic:

As one of them is a type of tubers, garlic, which has the Latin name Allium Sativum, has a lot of nutritional value. Here is the nutritional value in garlic which is generally divided into 1-10 cloves (3 garms) which is important Grameds recognizes:

  • 4.5 calories
  • 1 gr of carbohydrates
  • 0,2 gr protein
  • 0.1 gr of fiber
  • 0.01 gr of fat
  • 0.03 gr of natural sugar
  • 5 mg calcium
  • 1 mg magnesium
  • 11 milligrams of potassium
  • 3% Manganese for daily use of the body
  • 1% Selenium Daily Body Requirement
  • Vitamin C is about 0.9 milligrams or equal to 2% of the body's daily needs
  • Iron 0.05 milligrams or equal to 3% of the body's daily needs
  • Copper, vitamin B1, and phosphorus

The benefits of eating raw garlic come from several active sulfur compounds, such as s-allyl cysteine and diallyl disulfide. When chewing garlic, therefore some sulfur substances that come out smell of garlic will react to make the content of allicin useful for the body. Here's a breakdown of the benefits of eating raw garlic that can be obtained when consuming it regularly:

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Benefits of Eating Raw Garlic:

1. Prevents Colds, Coughs, And Inflammations

The consumption of garlic in the morning seems to be an herbal remedy to strengthen the body's resistance. The content of allicin in garlic efficiently kills disease-inducing bacteria, such as colds, inflammation of the esophagus, and cough. Its diallyl sulfide content can help challenge bacteria in the body.

This is based on research from Advances in Therapy which says that consumption of garlic supplements has a lower risk of developing a cold than people who only consume placebo drugs. Clinical Nutrition has also provided its research that shows that consumption of garlic concentrate can reduce the strength of catching the flu, which is called the easiest disease problem felt by humans.

2. Treat Stubborn Acne

Acne is a skin problem that most disturbs a person's performance, the cause of some people who try hard to use various steps to eliminate. One of the steps to eliminate acne can grameds do with natural use of garlic. Apparently raw garlic can be useful for eliminating acne even wayward ones.

Based on the research journal from Angewandte Chemie, it is given that garlic contains allicin which can help kill bacteria that trigger the appearance of acne in the face because there is antibacterial in it. Garlic contains sulfates created by the decomposition of allicin which can help eliminate residual acne, and other skin disease allergies.

3. Dealing with Hair Loss

The benefits of eating raw garlic can apparently also deal with hair problems, one of which is loss. Garlic has a high content of sulfur with keratin to help strengthen and move the development of hair on the scalp. What's more, if you have a problem with alopecia or baldness, you can consume raw garlic to deal with it.

4. Lower Cholesterol

Consuming raw garlic before bedtime can help withstand the high cholesterol content in the blood. This is based on a research journal that was published by the Journal of Postgraduate Medicine which said that if the consumption of about 10 gr or 1 to 2 garlic seeds every day in a row for one month can significantly reduce the cholesterol content.

In addition, other research shows this, namely the Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Medicine which found that the benefits of eating raw garlic can increase the amount of HDL cholesterol or good cholesterol and reduce the overall cholesterol content in the blood.

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5. Controlling Blood Pressure

In addition to being related to cholesterol, eating garlic can control blood pressure which is generally the cause of cardiovascular disease. Then the consumption of raw garlic can withstand high blood pressure. In fact, garlic is also seen as appropriate for generic hypertension drugs. The benefits of eating raw garlic were once conveyed by the Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceuticals which said that the impact of garlic can lower the same systolic and diastolic blood pressure as the hypertension drug atenolol.

6. Keep your Heart Healthy

You can maintain heart health by regularly consuming raw garlic. Because good garlic lowers the content of bad cholesterol (LDL) so that it can resist the creation of enzymes in the liver organs which are generally triggers cholesterol content in the body.

Apparently the content of diallyl trisulfide in garlic can help make heart protection for people who have experienced a heart attack or after heart surgery and people who have experienced heart failure. The glory of garlic benefits is actually a little research that provides evidence that it can maintain heart health.

7. Offer Anti-Inflammatory Impact

Consumption of raw garlic efficiently decreases the anti-inflammatory impact compared to garlic that has been processed. The benefit is separated from the content of allicin in garlic. This benefit can work when the consumption of raw garlic as necessary, in other words, it is not too excessive because when consuming raw garlic it can be severe if eaten too much.

8. Improve Bone Health

There are those who have done research on animals that give if garlic can minimize bone weathering, especially increasing estrogen content in women. In addition, there are also studies in menopausal women that say that raw garlic can reduce signs of estrogen deficiency which can cause bone problems.

The benefits that can be felt when consuming raw garlic regularly . So eating raw garlic figures to eat for osteoporosis patients who can have a great impact on bones.

9. Prevent Alzheimer's And Dementia

Raw garlic contains anti-oxidants that are good for resisting brain tissue problems, such as Alzheimer's and dementia. Alzheimer's disease and dementia can be caused by oxidative depression due to free radicals, until the consumption of anti-oxidants efficiently avoids them becoming more chronic. It has a persistent impact because the consumption of raw garlic is good for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol which can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

10. Lower the Risk of Cancer

The most fantastic benefit of eating raw garlic is that it can reduce the risk of cancer. Several studies have shown that regular consumption of raw garlic can reduce the risk of developing several types of cancer, such as stomach cancer and colon cancer. The National Cancer Institute even recommends consuming raw garlic instead of garlic dietary supplements.

Consumption of raw garlic 2x in one week can reduce the risk of developing lung cancer with a percentage of 40%. Garlic can also reduce the risk of prostate cancer which contains antioxidants that can prevent toxins and strengthen body resistance, to be able to repair DNA destroyed by prostate cancer.

11. Dealing with Impotence

The anti-oxidants present in the garlic content make consuming it able to deal with impotence. The impact is that the blood becomes diluted and the blood channel towards the penis will be smoother so that it can excite the erection of the penis. The benefits of eating raw garlic can be carried out before sexual activities.

12. Increase Fertility

The benefits of eating raw garlic to increase fertility have been presented by the Journal of Herbmed Pharmacology. The study revealed that garlic contains anti-oxidants that can improve testosterone content and testicular arrangement which results in better sperm quality. This research has not been carried out further regarding the benefits of garlic to streamline a person's fertility.

13. Improve Sports Performance

What loves sports? Nach, the consumption of raw garlic can apparently improve sports performance for the better. This has been reviewed in an Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology study that gives that consuming garlic oil 2x in one day for six weeks can increase exercise performance, especially in some heart disease patients. The test of this benefit still requires a lot of further research because witnessing this research is still experiencing many conflicts.

14. Challenging Bacteria And Herbsr

Leading to research that had been carried out by Washington State University, it was stated that the content of diallyl sulfide in garlic is able to deal with Campylobacter bacteria which are generally triggers for digestive problems. The reason is that raw garlic can challenge bacteria and fungi in humans, even 100 times its strength is more efficient than antibiotics in general. From there, garlic has great potential to make it a natural antibiotic alternative.

15. Facilitates Tin Poisoning

In the world of health, lead poisoning is really at risk in various types of serious health problems. But the signs can be alleviated one of them by regular consumption of raw garlic. The content of diallyl sulfide and sulfur in garlic is believed to be able to provide efficient protection from heavy metal content, such as tin that can enter the human body.

Studies from Basic and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology have given that garlic content can reduce the lead content in the blood by up to 19%. This sudi is a research that has been carried out on several employees of the car battery factory who rub a lot of tin.

16. Keep your Brain Healthy

In addition to being useful to maintain cardiovascular health, the consumption of raw garlic is useful also to maintain brain health. Based on research from the Missouri Campus, it is said that the carbohydrate content in garlic can protect some brain cells from the effects of aging and disease. That content can reduce nitric oxide content in brain microglia cells when challenging infections and oxidative depression.

In the brain, microglia cells are useful for maintaining healthy nerve mechanisms, but can challenge infections when increasingly producing nitric oxide which can result in brain cell damage. Nach is the cause of the FruArg content in garlic can multiply microglia cells without causing the nitric oxide content to increase in the brain . Then the consumption of raw garlic can maintain the health of some brain cells.

Why are the benefits of garlic better consumed raw? Some people may see if the taste of raw garlic is really not delicious, especially with its most piercing fragrance.

But rest assured that at the earliest state, the nutrition of garlic can work optimally on the body. Although for some people it is possible that the consumption of raw garlic is not commonplace, but this can optimize garlic nutria instead of being processed first or even combined with other ingredients.

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Can You Consume Raw Garlic How Much?

Because its benefits that can be called really effective should not make us too kalap or too excessive in the consumption of raw garlic. There is actually no patent advice in determining how much we should consume raw garlic. If you have a healthy body condition and do not have serious health problems, therefore you can eat 1-4 garlic seeds every day. It was delivered by several experts from the University of Maryland Medical Center.

But it can have problems if you have digestibility problems because raw garlic can aggravate it. In addition, you should also consult a doctor before consuming raw garlic if you have complaints of allergies, asthma, low blood pressure, ulcers, surgery, or thyroid problems. Grameds are advised to reduce the consumption of garlic when consuming several drugs, such as birth control pills, Isoniazid (Nydrazid, Cyclosporine, HIV / AIDS drugs, NSAID anti-inflammatory drugs, and blood-thawing drugs (Warfarin).

Need to see if you like to eat raw garlic because it can be risky if you consume it mostly. What you want to taste the most when consuming raw garlic is the mouth tastes pana, diarrhea, nausea and smells of the mouth or smells of the body. So the consumption of raw garlic is as necessary so that the nutrition of this kitchen spice can be maximally absorbed by the body.

Nach, the information about the benefits of eating raw garlic and the size of consuming it. Are you interested in trying? Not all people can consume raw garlic easily because of its most piercing taste and fragrance.

But remember the benefits of eating raw garlic you need to think about being an alternative to maintaining a healthy body naturally with some ingredients that are at home.

The consumption of raw garlic must be the same as recommended by the doctor and should be. Do not let instead of getting the benefits of eating raw garlic, it will make health worse.

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