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13 Types of Ornamental Freshwater Fish that are Easy to Maintain

Lately, there are many people who like to fish ornamental fish, especially ornamental freshwater fish, ranging from ornamental fish that have a small size to ornamental fish that have a large size. For some people, ornamental fish have become a hoby for the empty time in the house, do you count that person?

An ornamental fish that is intended to be a hoby will make a person who speaks for it happy, because he thinks someone is accompanying him in his spare time. The following pleasure that some ornamental fish hobbyists are looking for what else is an ornamental fish that is tasted as a fish from a person's gift.

On the other hand, there are those who assume that there are many lovers who want freshwater ornamental fish to be a business opportunity, so there are not a few people who open or continue the ornamental fish business. In other words, ornamental fish budiday has been implemented by some people. In fact, some of the ornamental fish that are cultured there are those that are marketed abroad.

When before doing treatment for ornamental fish, we should have to look at several types of ornamental fish first, because each type of ornamental fish has a different character.

The number of types of freshwater ornamental fish will certainly make you confused to choose freshwater fish that want to be pets. No worries, this article will review some types of ornamental freshwater fish that are the most suitable and easy to become pets. So, happy reading and reading this article to the end.

Types of Ornamental Fish in Freshwater

It has been no stranger, when freshwater ornamental fish are many kinds. The following will be reviewed 15 types of freshwater fish that are famous and really easy to eat.

1. Arowana Fish

If you really like ornamental fish that have a large size, then color fish is really suitable for you to make pets. This fish comes from Brazil and Indonesia. The arowana fish from Brazil has the scientific name Osteoglossum sp.

The Brazilian arowana fish has a sprawling form that extends to the sides and its body shape tapers to the tail. Furthermore, the caudal fin looks narrow because the sides of the dorsal and ventral fins also extend to the tail. Most of the Brazilian arowana fish are silver-white or black in color although sometimes the space formations are not so bright.

If arowana from Brazil has one type, because it is different from arowana fish from Indonesia which has two types, namely Sclerophagus formisus and Sclerophagus jardini. Arowana fish with the type Sclerophagus formisus is native to the islands of Sumatra and the island of Borneo. In that time the arowana fish with the type Sclerophagus jardini was originally from the island of Irian.

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The form of the 2 types of arowana is the same and a little thick, but the body form does not taper towards the tail. The dorsal and ventral fins can be called not so large Between the scales are completely light and the size of each scale is very large.

Arowana fish, whether from Brazil or Indonesia, have shiny scales and are one of the uniqueness of arowana fish. However, arowana scales are really prone to disease or viruses.

Arowana fish are counted as the most aggressive and agile types of fish. If the arowana fish is depressed, therefore she will knock her on the wall of the aquarium or jump up and down. Therefore, so that arowana fish are not depressed, we must be vigilant when we have chosen to take care of them. In fact, if you want to keep arowana fish in an aquarium, it is really recommended to give an aquarium cover so that the fish do not jump out.

2. Betta Fish

Who doesn't recognize the betta fish. In fact, elementary school children already know betta fish and there are some who have it. The size of this fish is really small, so it is really easy to pick up, be it in an aquarium or just in a topel.

It has been no stranger if this betta fish is separated into two types, namely short-finned betta fish and long-finned betta fish. The short-finned betta fish can be called a complaint betta fish. And the short-finned betta fish can be called an ornamental betta fish. Are you a short-fin betta fish pet or a long-fin?

Although the same has the same varied fins, the fins of ornamental betta fish are more beautiful to watch. A variety of beautiful types of fins as a result of the development and creation of some breeders. From interbreeding, produce saplings that have fins and are more beautiful and unique in color.

The number of lovers of betta fish, therefore there is a betta fish race in which the assessment comes from the health, agility, and the most beautiful body, scales, and slim fins The longer the megar fins, therefore the value obtained will increase.

Betta fish is counted as the most aggressive type of fish and really likes to fight. Therefore, it is absolutely not recommended to fish betta fish in a similar place. In addition, if you use a betta fish using a topel, the distance between the topeles should be given a separator or paper separator so that the betta fish do not both witness.

3. Discus Fish

Discus fish or the king of aquarium many hobbyists who are ornamental fish who guard it, until the price of this fish soars. In fact, because of the very number that rings this fish, therefore there is a special race of discus fish.

The creation and development of discus fish breeders produces the most distinctive and unique saplings or it can be mentioned that the shades and colors of the saplings of these fish are better than the brood. Discus fish on the market generally have white, yellow, red, and brown colors. And the patterns, some are round-round patterns, plate lines, and random lines.

If you want to know whether the discus fish is healthy or maybe not, therefore you can watch the scales smooth or maybe not, the fins are loose or may not be, and the fish looks weak or may not. Generally, discus fish that experience damage to their fins due to fin rot disease.

For those of you who want to fish discus, you should always pay attention to the state of the fins whether they are still in good condition or maybe not. The crushed fins will be seen as deformed, until the price of discus fish drops.

4. Guppies

Guppies come from the United States, central America and South America. This fish has another name, namely the thousand fish because of its many communities, even almost all over the world there is this type of fish.

For those of you who like the most in those fish that have a small size, therefore guppies are completely referenced. In addition to its small body, this fish has a variety of colors. The amount of color in this fish is due to the crossbreeding that has been carried out by humans.

The body form of this fish is completely slim or slender, a thin dorsal fin and a dilated tail fin. These widened fins will look like a flag is flying as this fish moves.

If you want to keep it really easy, because it doesn't require some special tools. The most important thing when keeping these fish is the cleanliness of the aquarium and regular feeding.

5. Lohan Fish

Louhan fish as a type of ornamental fish that was once famous in 2001-2002. However, the trend of ornamental fish that continues to shift instead of making ornamental fish hobbyists lohan less and less even though there are still few people who speak for it.

Color dominates lohan fish usually has red, white, black colors, and sometimes some have various colors on their scales. In addition, lohan fish has special characteristics that are not possessed by other fish, namely there is a "nongnong" on its head.

This fish is considered a type of fish that cannot be combined with other fish, because it can fight. Therefore, when carrying out their treatment, these fish will be given one aquarium on their own. The important thing is another concern, namely a temperature of 24-27 degrees Celsius, hardness of 10-12 degrees, and a pH of 7-7.5.

6. Chef's Goldfish

This chef's goldfish is the same as the koi carp where it has long been a pet. This fish comes from China with the cutest and most adorable body shape.

At a young age, the color of this fish is generally only one color, namely gray, then when mature the color of the fish will switch to a variety of colors. Some of the colors present in the chef's goldfish, such as yellow, red, white, black, and various types of combined colors.

Koi carps that have crests and short tails with varying colors as the type of goldfish most loved by some ornamental fish hobbyists. And the chef's carp that has the most expensive price is the balloon-eye chef's carp.

7. Koi fish

Koi carps are counted as the type of fish that have been fished for a long time. Koi carps are really liked by some ornamental fish hobbyists all the way abroad. Koi carps originally came from China and developed rapidly in Japan since 200 years ago until now. You can find out the age of the koi carp by counting the number of circles on its scales.

Koi carps have an elongated cylindrical body shape and their scales are divided into various types of colors. Therefore, it is really recommended to watch the koi carp above because we will witness the beauty of its colorful scales. So, it's best when you fish koi in a large pond, so that we will be easy to witness its beauty.

8. Platty Fish

Platty fish is a type of fish that is from South America. There are quite a lot of varieties of platty fish, such as sunset, hawaii, red coral, black tail, samson, and platty cagak. The platty fish that are widely in the market is the cagak platty fish.

Most ornamental fish hobbyists will fish platty in open cement ponds with a fairly high density. However, when farmed in an open pond, these fish can become prey or be disturbed by dragonfly larvae, small argulus ticks, and lernaea. All the problems from the pest can make the state of the fish decrease, so that the quality of the fish will also fall.

If you want to fish platty, the fish pond should be given pest prevention drugs, such as PK solution, abate solution, and immersion of fish into salt water.

9. Manfish

Manfish can be mentioned as an ornamental fish that has a unique physical performance from ornamental fish in general. Graceful, smooth, has an arrow-like shape and is beautiful are the physical characteristics possessed by manfish, until this fish is often said to be the queen of aquarium.

Nowadays, the manfish that is most liked by ornamental fish hobbyists is the manfish with 1/2 of the black body to the back side and 1/2 of the body returning white to the front side.

The steps of eating this type of fish can be called really easy, but we must pay attention to the fins of the manfish so that they do not break. If this fin breaks at a young age, it can therefore be renewed, but when it is old, it will be difficult to renew.

10. Botia Fish

Botia fish or the most famous fish in the group of ornamental fish hobbyists, either domestically or abroad. Botia fish is a fish native to Indonesia from the waters of Sumatra and Kalimantan. There are still few who cultivate this type of fish because there are restrictions from the government regarding the prohibition of selling this fish for more than 15 cm.

In other words, this botia fish is still taken from the original community. If this is kept quiet, it is therefore likely that the botia fish will run out or this fish community will be destroyed.

Botia fish has a mottled scale color of yellow black. In that case, the fins have a red to orange color. Botia fish are not so fond of being attacked by sunlight. In addition, this type of fish can be called a fish that is easy to shock. If this fish is shocked, then jump up and down, until the moment of squinting at this fish, the aquarium is given a cover.

11. Sumatran Barb Fish

From the name alone, we already know that this barb fish comes from rivers in the Sumatra region. In fact, quite a lot of people say with the call "Sumatran fish". The size of a small fish is really small or more precisely has a size of 5 cm.

Although this fish has a small size, the agility of this fish should not be denied. Therefore, this fish is really suitable to be used as a pet in an aquarium, especially for those of you who like small ornamental fish.

This fish survives by swimming hovering in the middle of the waters. When classified by color, this type of fish consists of three colors, namely yellow-brown with a black stripe (barb fish native to Sumatra), green (green tiger), and white (albino). Of the 3 types, the most expensive is the green tiger.

Sumatran green tiger barb fish when cultivated is really difficult because the success rate so that the saplings are the same as the mother is really small. Generally this arises because the pH of the water does not match the original community.

In keeping this type of fish in an aquarium, it should be given aquatic plants so that the fish are getting harder to live in an aquarium. In addition, the pH state of the water must be a concern. So, are you interested in raising this fish?

12. Balck Ghost Fish

Black ghost fish is counted as one of the ornamental fish whose form and size are truly unique and distinctive. Therefore, this fish can be called a fairly famous fish, why is it famous and unique? Because most of the body of this fish is plain black and only a little white on the tail and head.

Because of the plain and dense color that exists on almost all the bodies of this fish, this fish is called a black ghost. This fish has an elongated belly and the fingers of its fins are completely soft so that they can unite with the body.

Although it has the longest fins, this fish does not have a dorsal fin. When moving the black ghost fish is really unique because its fins will move like a flying flag.

Almost everyone who is looking for this fish wants the most intense and plain black skin color. This fish, which is popular with its black skin color, really likes to hide in the crevices of holes. Therefore, when you want to make a black ghost fish, you should use hollow stones so that this fish can hide.

13. Oscar Fish

Oscar ornamental fish is quite popular in hobbyists ornamental fish. This fish comes from the United States with a sprawling body shape to the side and a wide dorsal fin until it almost fills the dorsal chart.

Oscar fish based on their fins are separated into two types, namely oscars with long fins and oscars with short fins. The thing as a magnet for some ornamental fish hobbyists is the side of their body that has a batik pattern or like spots. And the colored oscar fish are separated into two types, namely brown oscars and white oscars (albinos).

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This fish is popularly very aggressive, fierce, and fierce especially when it feels threatened. Therefore, when you are feeding, you should be vigilant and should not be too close.

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