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11-Year-Old child becomes mastermind over 80 crimes in UK

Banaspati -- A schoolboy has been detected as the leader of a criminil gang that threatened Blackpool, England, throughout the last few weeks.

Quoted by The Sun, Friday (14/10), the 11-year-old boy was calculated to mastermind 80 crimes, counting the onslaught on a policewoman Claims about boy's linkages made by British MP member of Conventional Party Scott Benton after Lancashire Police announce three children were secured in a major raid on a cross-county drug gang.

According to him, vulnerable children and adults in lancashire city have been forced to be drug delivery men for mountain range criminyl.

"Residents in the Talbot and Brunswick counties of Blackpool have been terrorized by anti-social attitudes in weeks at the very end, with several hundred different crimes already committed by one group of juveniles," said the legislator of the Blackpool Se selective was in a session of a meeting of the British House of Representatives.

"The leader is an 11-year-old boy who is already in charge of more than 80 other offences, counting as a policewoman."

"Unfortunately, lancashire police's attempts to bring to justice were hampered by the Children's Directorate of Blackpool Council, which denied criminalising juveniles."

"Can we review this in the House, with regard to anti-social attitudes, the suffering that has resulted in citizen and what is the right force of police to deal with this matter?" he said.

British House leader Penny Mordaunt expressed her grief at the circumstances in benton's electorate. According to him, this problem must be encountered in depth and include many factions .

"It's about teachers, it's about local authority, it's about the policing a good one and i think this could be a very good topic to dispute , and I would move him to propose to her normally," Mordaunt said.

The operation, which has been carried out by Lancashire police, has successfully affected 46 people, including 34 men, 9 women and 3 teenagers under 18 years old.

Officers took over cash, cellphones, some drugs and Class A Class B weapons, Uncountable four machetes, six knives and a knuckleduster.

Lancashire Police Area Cross Unit Chief Becky Smith explained: "We worked harder than ever to dealing with criminals across areas that bring drug trafficking and violence to our commune."

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