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11 Benefits of Shallots: Strengthen Immunity to Healthy Heart

Shallots as one of the spices as a basic ingredient in typical Indonesian cuisine. In fact, he is famously used for cooking in some parts of the world.

In addition to giving delicious taste to food, apparently shallots can also bring unconceptive benefits for the health of our bodies. The benefits are not playing around.

Shallots can be proven to bring a lot of goodness to the body, starting from healthy heart, losing weight, to enduring cancer. To make it even more complete, yok read the complete info on the content and benefits of shallots!

Shallot Content

Its rich benefits for body health are inseparable from the amount of useful content in it, one of the most powerful is the richness of anti-oxidants. Here's the content in shallots in a ration of 1/2 cup per serving:

Calories = 32 calories

Protein = 1 gr (g)

Fat = 0 g

Carbohydrates = 7 g

Fiber = 1 g

Sugar = 3 g


Vitamin B6



Benefits of Shallots

1. Improve Immune Mechanism

The immune mechanism is of course really needed by the body to attack germs, viruses or bacteria that enter outside the body. The selenium content in shallots is believed to increase the immune mechanism in the body, so that we can be free from disease.

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2. Healthy Heart

An important benefit of shallots is that it can be heart-healthy. The content of sufamide methylallyl and sulfur amino acids in shallots can reduce the content of bad cholesterol found in the body.

In addition, shallots can regulate high blood pressure and open clogged arteries.

3. Dealing with Constipation

Ever felt a hard chapter? Shallots are the right spice to deal with this problem. The content in shallots can help the process of removing toxins by the body, so that digestion is smoother.

4. Dealing with Inflammation of the Esophagus

Inflammation of the esophagus as a disease that often appears due to inflammation or infection of the esophagus.

If at one time you experience inflammation of the esophagus, try to consume shallots. The content of quercetin in shallots is believed to reduce inflammation.

5. Strengthen Vision

Besides carrots, apparently onions are good for the eyes, you know. The sulfur content in shallots can excite the production of protein in the form of glutathione which has anti-oxidants.

The content of vitamin E in shallots is also great for the health of our eyes.

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6. Improve Sleep Quality

The benefits of shallots for the body after that can improve the quality of your sleep at night.

The problem is that the probiotic content in shallots can reduce depression, so you can sleep better and of higher quality. With this, you will be able to be more enthusiastic in carrying out activities.

7. Lose Weight

If you are in the mood to lose weight, chances are you can add shallots on your diet menu. The chromium content in shallots can help you lose weight.

To get the benefits, regularly consume 3-4 onion seeds every day.

8. Resists Cancer

Cancer as one of the dangerous diseases that can lead to death. Shallots can help you to be free from this risky disease.

Shallots can withstand the onset of cancer, due to the presence of sulfur content in onions. Active compounds in shallots can block cancer cells in the body.

9. Lower Blood Sugar Content

In addition to resisting cancer, shallots can help you get rid of diabetes. If you have high blood sugar, chances are you should try to consume shallots regularly.

The problem is that the sulfur content in shallots is believed to be able to reduce the sugar content in the blood.


10. Keep Bones Healthy

Bones as one of the most important things in the body that work to support our body.

To supervise it, in addition to the consumption of drinks and foods rich in calcium such as milk, eating shallots is apparently believed to be able to resist osteoporosis, and can maintain bone mass.

11. Helps Heal Canker Sores

If you experience canker sores that bother and make eating or drinking so unpalatable. Don't neglect, you can entrust shallots to deal with this usual mulit problem.

Canker sores due to this fungal infection can be cured by boiling shallots with vegetable star fruit, saga leaves and pulosari fennel.

This boiled water acts as an antiseptic that efficiently treats canker sores and treats inflammation and infections that occur in the mouth.

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