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10 Smallest Cars Ever Made and Marketed To Date

 A car is actually a vehicle that can carry 2 or more passengers counting the driver. The brighter size of the same motorcycle goes into the group of vehicles with a pusher engine.

But if you look at the following few cars, it feels like the two categories mentioned just now are countless. Yup, here's a summary of the 10 smallest cars that have been made around the world.

1. Coulson Car

Here are the smallest four-wheeled cars in the world that are certified because they have seat belts

Have you ever witnessed a children's toy car done by a battery? Nach at first glance Coulson Car is too. Although in fact this is the smallest certified car that is shaky to be used on the road. Created in 1957, the car with a length of 1.2 mtr. it was listed as the smallest 4-wheeled car in the world by the Guiness Book World Records.

2. Brütsch Mopetta

Who would have thought that this small vehicle without a roof with 1 seat was a car made by Egon Brutsch from Germany. In 1956 he built a car to attend the International Bicycle and Motorcycle Exhibition. It was unexpected that the cute car made her seem to be liked by people. Egon also produced 14 units of this car before it was last stopped in 1958.

3. Isetta

This car was once famous in Europe and existed in various modifications

Still in the 1950s, there was another smallest car made in Italy. Its name is Isetta, in the past this car was known by the call of bubble cars and was quite famous in Europe. Its length is about 2.2 mtr. with a width of 1.3 mtr..

4. Tango

Called the most expensive small car

The length is only about 2 mtr. with a width of 1.5 mtr., the Tango as an electric vehicle made by Commuter Cars in late 2005. Although it also has a unique shape, the news is that Hollywood artist George Clooney had bought this car.

5. Peel P50

The smallest three-wheeled car in the world

If the Coulson Car is the smallest 4-wheeler in the world, then the Peel P50 is the smallest car in the world versus the Guiness Book World Records. It is only 1.2 mtr long. with a width of about 1 mtr., Peel was first made in 1962. In fact, this car has no reverse gear, and the driver has to pull the manual lever outside the car to reverse.

6. Myers Sparrow

Has a unique shape and was once a "guest star" in the austin power movie

Another cute car that has three wheels was also sold by Corbin Motors. At that time his name was Corbin Sparrow. But Myers Motors replaced this project and the car was also renamed the Myers Sparrow. Due to its uniqueness, this car was used in the movie "Austin Power in Goldmember".

7. Smart Fortwo

Fashionable design and practicality make this car still liked

This is a cute car made by Daimler AG which was first introduced in 1997. Having a cute shape but having a fashionable design makes this car able to survive until now. Often world celebrities are seen wearing smart fortwo in their daily lives. Besides being a mini-sized car in the world, Smart Fortwo is the smallest car in Indonesia.

8. Fiat 500

Fiat has been concentrating on producing cute cars from the past

Made by Fiat Automobiles, since 1957, this fabrication has concentrated on several mini-sized cars. Although the size is far below some other cars, Fiat has the title of the safest small car in the world based on the test tubruk test. Interestingly, until now Fiat is the smallest car in Indonesia that you can buy.

9. Daihatsu Bright

Daihatsu's smallest car in Indonesia before the Ayla period

In Indonesia, initially in 2001, it also had the smallest car, namely the Daihatsu Cerah. It is only 3.3 mtr long. and cuter than Daihatsu Ayla. At that time Daihatsu brought Sunny from Japan to take advantage of the moment of the Provision of Kei Car in the Sakura Country. It's a pity that now Sunny is no longer made Daihatsu.

10. Suzuki Karimun

Since the first batch, Karimun has been popular as a mini-sized car

Karimun as Suzuki's smallest car was first introduced in 1999. The base is the Suzuki Wagon R in Japan with a length of all over the body only slightly linked from the Daihatsu Bright. It is possible that by far Karimun masuh dakam the smallest group of cars in Indonesia made.

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